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| > Stuff at distances from an ion "feels"
| > the =net= "charge" of all the ions
| > that're in motion with respect to it,
| > which generates "current" in what-
| > ever the stuff is.
| Well, the ions don't need to be in motion for them to be felt at a
| distance.  That's an electric field, not a current.  I was referring to
| the fact that there is no movement of charge carriers in the Mexican
| wave analogy.  Influences are, indeed, felt at a distance, but whereas
| that influence would normally be carried by moving ions, in this case
| it's just visual.  Which of course involves REAL action potentials - but
| I think my students' brains might explode if I got into that during a
| discussion of cable properties ... !
|      Cheers,
|         MK.

=Sorry=, Matthew, I missed your context.

Your point, above, about electric fields,
is, of course, Correct [but is there any-
thing "static" within the brain? :-]

Nope. As far as I've been able to see,
there's nothing "static" within all of phys-
ical reality.

Why my thoughts go this way is that I'm
reading the chapter on mitochontrial
function in my Mol-Bio Text.

What a Joy!

3-D E, just plain-to-see, and many mac-
roscopic "harmonics" [coupled inversely-
directed energy-flows] which =Definitely=
Derive, Fundamentally, in the stuff I've
discussed in the "Tapered Harmony
Primer" thread. I mean, the macroscop-
ic "harmonics" reduce to, and literally
build-up-from, the 'atomic' harmonics
that I discussed in the other thread.

It's like I've "died" and gone to 3-D E-
"heaven" :-] [He says, hoping that that's
not what's, figuratively, happened.]

Just wish I could be in a "reading group"
with respect to this stuff.

It's all so extremely-Beautiful that, if I
don't find a way to discuss it, in line-
by-line detail, I'll 'burst' from the solitary
Joy of it :-]

I hope to post one or two significant
"chunks" when I've finished the Chapter.

It's not a main thing, but one thing
that's =really= Spectacular is that
mitochondria are coded for in the
cell-DNA, yet have their own DNA,
RNA, and transcription mechanisms.
[I knew that before I started with this
Text, but I never stopped to think
about how Wonderous that is 'til this
morning -- it's a "machine" that creates
"machines" to do work for it :-] And
all of it is Correctly 3-D "addressed"
in the cellular DNA. It's 'just' Spectac-
ular -- as if, as Rodin, finished =The
Thinker=, "The Thinker" stepped off
his rock, put on some clothes, and
went to work at a job he already
knew how to do :-]

If the way that this particular ex-
pression of the cellular DNA was
worked-out, that'd pay big divid-
ends in understanding of the way
things're 3-D-coded in the cellu-
lar DNA.

Seems doable, but I've not yet
read the Chapter on DNA-Analysis
methods, so I'm not sure one way or
the other.

But, if I were specifically-doing Mol-
ecular Biology, I'd drop everything
else and do this one Analysis, =first=.

If one wants to understand how Life
encodes Life, this's a small [and, there-
for, workable] encapsulation of that
Problem [that has the further benefit
of being unquestionably-Ethical].

Cheers, Dr. Kirckaldie,


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