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| [...]

| As far as I've been able to see,
| there's nothing "static" within all of phys-
| ical reality.

'atoms', themselves, are dynamic entities.

| [...]

| It's not a main thing, but one thing
| that's =really= Spectacular is that
| mitochondria are coded for in the
| cell-DNA, yet have their own DNA,
| RNA, and transcription mechanisms.
| [I knew that before I started with this
| Text, but I never stopped to think
| about how Wonderous that is 'til this
| morning -- it's a "machine" that creates
| "machines" to do work for it :-] And
| all of it is Correctly 3-D "addressed"
| in the cellular DNA. It's 'just' Spectac-
| ular -- as if, as Rodin, finished =The
| Thinker=, "The Thinker" stepped off
| his rock, put on some clothes, and
| went to work at a job he already
| knew how to do :-]
| If the way that this particular ex-
| pression of the cellular DNA was
| worked-out, that'd pay big divid-
| ends in understanding of the way
| things're 3-D-coded in the cellu-
| lar DNA.
| Seems doable, but I've not yet
| read the Chapter on DNA-Analysis
| methods, so I'm not sure one way or
| the other.
| But, if I were specifically-doing Mol-
| ecular Biology, I'd drop everything
| else and do this one Analysis, =first=.
| If one wants to understand how Life
| encodes Life, this's a small [and, there-
| for, workable] encapsulation of that
| Problem [that has the further benefit
| of being unquestionably-Ethical].

You know?

Here's this "encapsulation" of the Gen-
etic Molecular Biology Problem, just
sitting-there, as a "School" with spec-
ific respect to that Problem, but folks
who want to operate-upon "the gen-
ome" are oblivious to it, plunging, full
speed ahead, into 'trial and error ap-
proaches' to 'manipulating' "the gen-
ome", when, right-there, is the stuff
that they =Need= to understand be-
for even thinking of 'manipulating'
"the genome".

This self-contained "encapsulation"
of Life-coding-Life has 3-D E cours-
ing through it. The 3-D E =Need=
to be understood =Before= 'man-
ipulating' "the genome".

"The genome" can only be trashed
if it is 'operated-upon' without, first,
understanding molecular-'level' 3-D E.

Yet folks're doing exactly that.

Because they 'think' "the genome" is

All that 'thought' is is a Sorry instance
of folks' being 'blinded' by other folks'
defining "science" to 'be' "doing what
enables $ profits".

It's all right-there in the fact that this
"encapsulation" of Molecular Genetics
has been 'overlooked'.

It's Damned-Sorrowful.

Vast-Opportunity-to-Understand, be-
ing 'moved away from'.

Because Science has been 'displaced
by a 'science is big-business' mentality.

It's Shame-Filled that it's so.

K. P. Collins 

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