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| It's all 'just' "Coulomb forces" -- 3-D Energy-
| dynamics [3-D E], which is Important to
| See because intracellular function is actively-
| tuned, and empowered, by the 'same' "Cou-
| lomb forces", all the way down.

Each "ion" is as a little "machine" be-cause
it has its unique interaction with its surrounding
"UES", which all such other "little machines"
"feel" in =their= unique interactions with the
same UES.

When 'atoms' "react" they do not "exchange
electrons", etc., they share their local UES
in ways that increase the "freedom to move"
of the energy that's 'contained' within their
SSW<->UES harmonics.

So even interactions amongst same-type ions
[and 'atoms'] are unique be-cause of their in-
dividual purturbations of the intervening UES
that they share.

You know?

=None= of the "attractions" and "repulsions"
involved are explained in the traditional ap-
proach. They are just-'postualted' -- "Like
charges attract. Opposite charges repell."

How and why? :-]

All such stuff that's just-'postulated' in the
traditional approach, including physical
"inertia" [how and why "a body at rest, or
in motion, [in an inertial frame of reference]
remains at rest,or in motion, [in that frame]
unless it's acted-upon by an 'external'
force] is Reified in Tapered Harmony.

But I'm laughing at myself as I type this.

It's in the "95%" stuff, and no one else
can understand it, yet.

But I'm also laughing at myself because
I've become "exhausted". It's not a self-
'contained' "exhaustion". The "95%"-stuff
can only be communicated as a function
of TD E/I-minimization that occurs with-
in nervous systems other than mine, and
I'm not sure that folks've followed the
discussion in the "Tapered Harmony
Primer" thread, and that's necessary if
folks're going to be able to follow any-
thing else that I'll do [unless I drop-back
to discuss stuff at the 'level' of AoK.]

In such interaction amongst individual
nervous systems, the nervous systems
involved are literally macroscopic 'atoms',
and both the "information"-exchanged
amongst them, and their "reactions" to it,
are literally built-up from the UES-flows
that I discussed in the TH discussion -- 
"push" too-hard, and all that results is
'moving away from' [be-cause TD E/I(up)
occurs too-much within nervous systems.
[Ponder such 'movement', as it's discussed
in AoK, in light of the "Tapered Harmony"
discussion, and you'll catch a glimpse of
how and why it is that nervous systems
are built-up from SSW<->UES harmonics.
This "exercise" is a Beautiful experience. It
allows one to experience the Awesome
Unity inherent in physical reality. So
I encourage folks to have a go at it.]]

The interactive-TD E/I(up) occurrence
is the circumstance that Jesus was
referring to when He said, "The spirit is
willing, but the flesh is weak."

So much Love, Understanding and Fore-
bearance in that one statement of His.

And, just 'now', it's "The Law" to which
I can only accede.

It's going to snow again tonight. Gotta
get up early to shovel, anyway.

ken [k. p. collins]

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