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| Much of
| what I've done, here in b.n, has derived
| in my Awareness of my Obligation to
| Science, with respect to getting the
| stuff I'd already seen as a 17-'year'-
| old Communicated.

I RETRACT the following.

| I Knew, back then, that all then-existing
| Physics was Wrong
| [...]

When I was 17, I just knew that there
was =something= wrong with the way
Physics was being Taught because it
was just obvious that "life wasn't that
hard" :-]

When I was 17, all I knew about "Rel-
ativity" is that it was 'something' that
Albert Einstein had done. I wouldn't
learn it for more than a 'decade' later.

When I was 17, I knew nothing of
Modern Physics, but I was always
skeptical with respect to the concept
of there being little "particles orbiting
other little particles" -- I just "didn't
like it", I guess, because it offended
my sense of the "ease" with which
"life" experiences that unity.

When I was 17, I was still following
the instructions that came with the
"American Basic Science Club" kits
that I'd sent-away for.

At 17, I was just "rebelling" because
I wasn't going to be able to go to
college, and that'd "separated" me
from my peers in the "Science Cur-
riculum" who were going to places
like M.I.T. and Worcester Poly-
technical Institute, while I knew I'd
be waiting to be Drafted.

That "crushingness" was just-neces-
sary, though.

If I'd not forgotten to show the main
result of my study to the Judge who
spent more than an hour with me in a
darkened equipment room, view-
ing my Senior Science Project, I'd've
won the top prize [I got 2nd], won the
States and Regionals, and probably the
National competition, gotten a scholar-
ship, gone to a Science Place, and
learned to do Science "in the way it's
supposed to be done", and spent my
'life' as an uppity-'dictator' coercing
Students to do things in the way they
are "supposed to be done" :-]

[Maybe not, though. My high school
Physics Teacher was so turned-off by
my 'clown-act' that he didn't want to
know what my project dealt-with. He
didn't even look at it. I'd 'pushed-him-
away' from me -- he "took it personally",
but I was just trying to 'hold-my-self-
together' in any way that I could -- 
'pretending' that "I didn't care".

In my substitute-'teaching' stints, I've seen
a =lot= of Kids who were living through
the same "Hell" -- their "lots" in Life
having left them "rebelling" because
they'd caught a glimpse of all the Won-
ders that're Taught, but knew that their
personal dircumstances "contradicted all
that" -- that "the way things are supposed
to be" is a "fairy tale" with respect to
which they'd no "admission ticket".

My Life has been one of just "looking
elsewhere" -- kind of lonely, but rarely
dull -- always trying to do something
"Worthy", but mostly feeling 'unworthy'
because I've known that "the way things
are supposed to be" is 'just' a lot of "hot
air" spewed by folks who are 'justifying'
their "positions", always "compelled"
because I understand the Horror that's
unfolding in the Lives of Children whose
Teachers 'think' 'they are' what they,
superficially 'appear' to 'be'.

Folks in Primary Education have to be
lifted-up to See-through the 'disguises'
that their Students 'wear' -- so they'll
be able to Teach these Kids that "what
has been" in their Lives does not, nec-
essarily, determine "what can be".

That stuff should be =Fundamental= in
Primary Education. Teaching isn't "just
a job". It's a breathing-of-Life into "what
can be". Fail at this, and Kids do not
Become what's in-them to Be Societies
do not Become what's in-them to Be,
and Nations Fail to Become what's in-
them to Be.

Kind of makes a mockery of all of the
resources that're put into 'education' -- 
all that 'fanciness' -- little actual Caring
about Students.

This stuff is actually what NDT is all
about -- filling that "Void" of Caring.

Which is pretty-Funny -- like some
"cosmic joke" -- because what I have
to do 'blindly' and automatically elev-
ates TD E/I within folks' nervous sys-
tems, inducing them to 'move away
from' me :-]

I'm trying to just "tough-it-out", but,
sometimes, I Fail, as I did in what I
wrote in my earlier post, quoted above.

Sometimes, when I'm really-'tired',
my old "Rebelliousness" shows itself.

But I cannot allow my 'moving away
from' Truth to go un-Corrected.

I Apologize for having Dishonored
Truth in my statement, quoted above,
which I RETRACT.

K. P. Collins

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