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| The degradation occurs as a function
| of the 'inverse-square' diminution of
| the "Coulomb forces" with respect to
| the quantities of ions that're gated at
| the unmyelinated nodes.
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Everything else that happens =follows=
trom the "Coulomb forces".

Even the "hydrophobic" and "hydro-
phylic" qualities of the lipid bilayer that
comprises all membranes, and the way
that stuff "floats"-'freely' within membranes
[unless there's an extra-membrane anchor],
is all 'just' "Coulomb forces".

Yes, there's "membrane capacitance",
but it's in-there as a consequence of
the fact of "Coulomb forces".

"Coulomb forces" are 'just' the 'atom-
centered' UES-flow -- 'just' energy
flowing =continuously=, all of it's ob-
servables [as I discussed, recently,
with respect to the "photoelectric
effect"] deriving in the ways that ind-
ividual SSW<->UES harmonics inter-
act-with, and share their local UES.

=Everything= involved in 'atoms' [and
'ions'] functionalities is all 'just' "Coulomb
forces" that've been radically-misinterp-
reted and misrepresented within pre-
vailing theory.

All of the so-call "bonds" between 'at-
oms' -- "covalent", "ionic", "hydrogen",
"Van der Walls", etc. -- and the so-
called "strong and weak nuclear forces"
in 'atoms', are 'just' so much disconnected
curve-fitting with respect to the nonlin-
earities inherent in the SSW<->UES
harmonics, which are 'just' =continuous=
energy, flowing =continuously=, in ways
that are determined by the SSW<->UES
harmonics as I've briefly reiterated them
in the "Tapered Harmony Primer" thread.

"Molecules" form as a function of such
continuous energy-flow being "shared"
amongst 'atoms' so that their collective
interaction with their surrounding UES
is "stable".

When an "enzyme" catalyzes a reaction,
what it's doing is contributing it's harmon-
ics to the formation of "molecules" com-
prised of 'atoms' whose harmonics are
"discordant" =until after= they securely
share their local UES. "Enzymes" make
such possible by "absorbing" this "dis-
cord" because its own harmonics are
such that they are literally attracted to the
"discordant" resonances of the 'atoms'
that the enzyme operates upon, and,
when the 'atoms' discordant harmonics
become "stablized", that stablization
"contradicts" the enzyme's harmonics, so
the enzyme is released.

The enzymes "steps-into" the "reaction"
in order to render it "always-downhill"
with respect to WDB2T, the energy-
gradient of which is the =one= thing that
empowers =everything= within physical

Be-cause it didn't see the nonlinearities
in the SSW<->UES harmonics, the tra-
ditional view pieced-together a lot of
disconnected "scraps" that says the 'same'
thing, but in a way that dictates to phys-
ical reality that it "has to contain" stuff
like "electrons", "protons", "neutrons",
"quarks", etc., when it's Verifiable that
none of these have any Existence with-
in physical reality.

The difference is exactly analogous to
the difference between Ptolmaic Astron-
omy, which 'saw' "epicycles" where all
there was was relative-motion, not com-
prehended, so that folks could 'move
toward' 'seeing' an Earth-centered uni-
verse', and Copernicus' heliocentricism
[which, in its early position, also con-
tained 'epicycles'].

Just as getting-the-Fundamentals Cor-
rect enabled folks using the heliocent-
ric view to do Astronomy better, and
Newton to develop his Mechanics,
and Humans to get to the moon, seeing
the SSW<->UES harmonics, instead
of non-existent 'particles', allows folks
to do Physics better ["Groan" -- it's True].

Why all of this =Matters= Greatly, with
respect to doing Neuroscience, is that
nervous systems literally grasp the energy
that they experience -- all of their struc-
ture is specifically-ordered to so "grasp"

If folks want to understand this "grasping"
of energy, then they have to get-beyond
'particles', to See energy, and how nerv-
ous systems literally grasp it.

I took-up my reading of my Introductory
Molecular Biology Text in order to give
folks examples of the Difference seeing
things through the lens of Tapered Harm-
ony makes.

When one understands the SSW<->UES
harmonics, one just Sees stuff like how
the "nucleosomes" work -- because one
can see the energy-flow -- the "3-D En-
ergydynamics" ["3-D E"].

I Understand that the "transition" inherent
is 'Difficult', but we were all "attracted" to
Doing-Science because we're not 'afraid'
of such 'Difficulties'. They are, in fact, just
the "growing pains" of Progress-in-Science,
and always open the flood-gates of Under-

Yes, there's "capacitance".

But it's an "artifact" of the 3-D E.

I discussed all of this in long-former posts.

What's been considered to "indicate" that
"capacitance" is an 'engineered'-in thing
derives =solely= in the fact that, yes, ions
to not move 'instantaneously' through dis-
tances [across the membrane]. They have
physical inertia that has to be overcome by
the "motivation" of the "Coulomb forces".

So, be-cause of the observable 'time'-delays
inherent, there's an illusion of "capacitance", but
it's all 'just' 'inverse-square'-varying "Cou-
lomb forces" that derive in the SSW<->UES
harmonics of 'atoms' [and 'ions'].

Understand the 3-D E, not "capacitance",
not "resistance", etc., and how and why
the 3-D E arise within the SSW<->UES

Shake-off your "bonds" :-]

See the continuous energy-flow, and you'll
see how and why "molecules" form, how
and why they do what they do, how and
why nervous systems are structured as they
stereotypically are structured [to consistently-
impart Direction to, and within, 3-D E], and
how and why nervous systems literally grasp
energy, which enables them to do everything
that they do, including "Consciousness", [cog-
nition ["thinking"], affect, creativity, cur-
iosity, volition, "conscience", and behavior
['moving toward' or 'moving away from'
external experiential environmental stuff].

I had to Restructure Physics, in an Equivalent+
way, in order to render NDT Complete with
respect to the way nervous systems literally
grasp energy, so that they can operate upon,
and within, it, to not only Survive, but to
Prosper in their "climbing" of the one-way
flow of energy, from order to disorder, that
is what's =described= by 2nd Thermo

It's Good for Physics, too.

I should be "Happy", but I'm "Groaning",
because I understand how, and why, the
TD E/I will 'move'.

It's the "cosmic joke" stuff. :-]

The work just needed to be done.

k. p. collins

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