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WARNING! Thinking-outside-the-box, below.

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|| [...]
|| Tapered Harmony's view is more-compre-
|| hensive than this because it explains exactly
|| how and why light of a specific incident
|| frequency can result of the emission of a
|| =range= of kinetic energies from 'atoms'.
|| [...]
| Just in case what's quoted, above, from
| my prior post [linked-to above] comes
| across folks who've "mean streaks" -- 
| there are no "errors" in-it.
| I said, in the Molecular Biology stuff
| I've also been discussing, that I wanted
| to work on an "energy-conversion"
| Problem.
| I did, but while posting this discussion
| of the Basics of Tapered Harmony, I
| realized that I'd already Solved the
| Problem, long-ago.
| I'd like to run it by folks, in-person, be-
| fore saying that it's "Definitely" so, but
| expect there'll be some Usefulness in
| the Solution, with respect to Human-
| ity's energy-needs.

Aw heck, I should be able to Patent
this stuff, but, although I've shared one
True-Wonder thing after another with
folks, no one will do anything other than
'just' let me Die.

Which is 'funny' -- folks value a few 'hours'
of their 'time' more than they value my Life.


Anyway, this "energy-conversion" Problem
is one of a set of Problems that I was work-
ing on back when I did the stuff that was
shared with folks in the "Abundance on
Wings" image that was on my "home page"
'years' ago.

[I would've Nailed this energy-conversion
stuff back then if it weren't the case that
my main research PC's were always being
'hacked'. When I saw that it was so, I just
stopped working on those PC's.]

Anyway, the new source of energy, that
will Solve Humanity's energy Problem,
derives in the nonlinearly-accelerating non-
linearities of the SSW<->UES harmonics
[which is why I used that cumbersome emphasize the "nonlinearities".]

I saw that these can be tapped-into, usefully,
be-cause the "shelling" phase of the harmon-
ics has it's own nonlinear-acceleration em-
bedded within it.

It's not an "easy" Problem be-cause the en-
ergy that's to be tapped-into =is= 'contained
within' the SSW<->UES harmonics.

The approach I was planning, before my PC's
being 'surveiled' "turned-me-off", was to
construct an automated search, within the set
of all the known isotopes that I was, then,
working with, looking for harmonics that would
yield an energy-cascade, which could be tuned,
at will with respect to the "shelling" phase of
the harmonics, because, when the harmonics
interact, they literally share their local UES,
which allows the nonlinearities to be tapped-
into, which allows one to "amplify" energy
inputs to get greater-energy out.

Get it?

It's a simple "momentum" problem -- be-
cause of the nonlinear accelerations in the
SSW<->UES harmonics, there's a =fleet-
ing= sub-phase in which any energy input
comes-up-against the huge nonlinearity
of the "shelling" phase of the harmonics,
getting slammed-into, Violently, which
"amplifies" it [this's what I was talking
about when I discussed kinetic-energy
=ranges= earlier].

The "energy-supply" to this process is 'just'
the UES itself -- vastest-energy-supply in
the Universe.

There's no shortage of energy, but there
must be some way of establishing an "in-
let" from the UES -- so that, when energy
is extracted the SSW<->UES harmonics
remain 'stably'-sustained.

My approach to this sub-problem was to
work to establish a directed cascade which,
on one end, would be "open" to the UES,
leading, via a =gentle= harmonics "slope",
to the other end, from which energy could
be extracted.

I know it sounds "Buck Rogers", but there's
no violation of WDB2T in-there, and plants
do this sort of thing all the 'time', in Photo-
synthesis [of course, producing waste prod-
ucts. I want to see if it can be done "clean",
by just operating as a function of the
SSW<->UES harmonics under the "pressure"
of their local UES. [Where this desire for
"cleanness" got it's start was because I
first started thinking along these chained-
harmonic-resonance lines while thinking
about ways in which 'nuclear' wastes
could be gentled-down to "stability" through
analogous "cascades".]

It's not an easy Problem because, as I've
discussed, the "attractions" and "repulsions"
that're observed amongst 'atoms' naturally
occur be-cause 'atoms' harmonics tend to
stablize or perturb one another, so one
can't just "throw stuff in a vat" and expect
the energy-amplifying-cascade that I'm
talking about to result from that -- it'll just
"coagulate" or "explode", due to the stereo-
typical interactions amongst SSW<->UES

So the cascade can only be constructed
within a set-up that holds the harmonics
in-place, despite their "not wanting to be"
held-in-place -- which might consume a
lot of energy, but not necessarily. Mito-
chondria do exactly this sort of thing
[the so-called "high-energy electron" cas-
cade] so the "holding" mechanism needn't
be some behemoth "containment vessel".
It needs to be something that can just
hold the SSW<->UES harmonics that
don't, normally' "want" to hang-out "to-
gether" [Sounds like 'me' and the rest
of the Community of Researchers :-]

I know it's Doable -- be-cause it's what's
disclosed, in reverse, with respect to iso-
topic natural abundances in the "Abund-
ance on Wings" image.

The "trick" is to do the same sort of
thing in a 'contained' way, inversely,
with respect to 'just' energy.

What mitochondria do is basically "com-
bustion" that yields CO2 and water
waste products. So "combustion" can
be done via a harmonics-cascade.

The difference in what I'm proposing is
that the energy-source is the UES. [Have
I 'convinced' anyone that exists, yet?]

The "cascade" is, basically, any arrange-
ment of SSW<->UES harmonics that's
ordered in a =uniformly-Directed= way -- 
where any nonlinearly-"crunched" energy
always exits in the one direction, and
the Problem is to build such a uni-direc-
tional "chain" of SSW<->UES harmonics.
Like a "pile", but with everything within
it just "catalyzing" the UES's Directed
flowing, which is what happens, destruct-
ively, in all spontaneous "chemical reac-

"Chemical reactions" occur because
SSW<->UES harmonics' "shelling"
phase nonlinearities "clash".

I want to do it non-destructively, by
carefully arranging the resonances
between harmonics -- like the "chemical"
thing, but not allowing the "chemical
reaction" to occur -- just =almost=
occur, grabbing the excess energy
by making it easier for it to move in
one direction.


Kind of like holding sodium just close
enough to water to get some "heat", but
not an explosion :-]

But in a much-more-gentle, long-cascad-
ing way.

Sodium and water-at some-way-sub-freez-
ing temperature? :-]

Holding-the-cold is =just= controlling
the Direction of the local UES-flow.

"Cold Harmonics" :-]

[I'm not really suggesting the above. The
energy required to maintain the water
in a frozen 'state' would be too great.
But this experiment would be interesting
on a small-scale -- just to see what, if
anything, could be coaxed out of it.]

But, at this point, I think a harmonic-
cascade is Doable. [Because Life does
it routinely.]

The Problem has a "start-up" difficulty.

The successive harmonics in the cascade
have to be selected for their resonances
=in the presence of= "excess energy" from
the =preceding= SSW<->UES harmonics
in the cascade.

The harmonics have to be selected with
respect to this "active" 'state', but they'll
only be exposed to that 'state' after start-
up -- and this requires some "retractable"
"initialization-coaxing" harmonics.

[You know -- like I do in my TD E/I(up)
and TD E/I(down) posts here in b.n -- 
working to "coax" folks to "See" NDT's
stuff :-]

[It's "legal" because folks routinely Rav-
age one another, anyway, and I always
Guard Free Will. All of my 'whining' is
just part of giving folks the stuff of Thought.
"Heavy Lifting."]

This's the sort of Problem that I like to
work-on just for the Fun of it [and
always work-on in solitude because
folks "knee-jerk" 'two'-much in re-
sponse to "far out" stuff. I'm discussing
it, 'now', because I'm running-out of
"Solitude"-'time', and because there's a
shimmer of generalized-worth in-it, am
Obliged to share it. Even though folks're
consigning me to a slow-death. The Child
in the Ghetto -- same-old, same-old.
Chorus: "If we don't look we don't
have to see what he's talking about!"]

If you don't achieve your On-Purpose
Goal while working on such Problems,
other useful stuff =always= shows-itself.

You know -- in a "I was looking else-
where, and I stumbled on it" kind of way.

Observer: "You've really gone off the
deep end, now, Ken."



I just don't allow 'what is' to Dictate to
me, "what can be".

As in:

"Only those who believe ever dream
what comes true." [Beth Nielsen Chapman,
"The Color of Roses", =Sand and Water=]

I Believe it's True that there's a =Lot=
more to be Learned -- that Humanity
is still just beginning in its quest for

So it's worth the "looking-elsewhere"-ing.

Be-cause I understand how 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization, left uncompre-
hended Dictates to folks what they 'can see',
when one can see whatever's out-there to
see, if only one =Looks=.

k. p. collins

| I think I've made it back to 'where'
| there's only 95% of the work I've done
| remaining to be communicated :-]
| While I'm "just-in-case"-ing, I've under-
| stood that folks think I'm 'this or that' be-
| cause I've not been able to get any of
| the work I've done Formally Published.
| But, step-back, a bit, and you'll see
| why it's been so.
| My work is all beneath-the-Founda-
| tions stuff.
| Papers that "contradict" 'foundation'
| stuff don't even get read, let alone
| sent out to be Reviewed.
| I did what Needed to be done, any-
| way.
| =That= is what I am.
| I Love you in that way.
| K. P. Collins 

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