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| Even though folks're
| consigning me to a slow-death. The Child
| in the Ghetto -- same-old, same-old.
| Chorus: "If we don't look we don't
| have to see what he's talking about!"]
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It's such a Sorrow.

Everybody 'thinks' that a lot of 'money'
is 'always required' to give Chldren
what they Deserve to receive from
Adults in the way of Eduction.

But what would be so "expensive"
about just giving Primary School
Children NDT's understanding at
the level of AoK?

It's just Doable within the 'normal'
courses of Primary School Educa-
tional dynamics.

Yes, Teachers have to, first, Learn
NDT, at the level of AoK, before
they can Teach it. But all that'd take
is a few Published Articles and some
discussion. I'll gladly do anything I
can for just my expenses.

So what's been the 'hold-up'?

There's not been a single "objection"
to NDT's stuff as it's discussed at the
level of AoK -- for 'decades'.

And, yet, all of its Verified Worth is
being withheld from the Children and
their Parents?

When Columbines and Red Lakes

When, across Humanity, the "prejudice
toward the familiar" that arises, 'blindly'
and automatically within 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization, left-uncom-
prehended, has folks Ravaging other
folks who they 'perceive' as 'being unlike-
self', when all they actually "perceive" is
TD E/I that we leave them not under-

The Children Deserve better-than-that
from us who can give them, and their
Loved-Ones, better-than-that.

k. p. collins 

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