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| WARNING! Thinking-outside-the-box, below.
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| The approach I was planning, before my PC's
| being 'surveiled' "turned-me-off", was to
| construct an automated search, within the set
| of all the known isotopes that I was, then,
| working with, looking for harmonics that would
| yield an energy-cascade, which could be tuned,
| at will with respect to the "shelling" phase of
| the harmonics, because, when the harmonics
| interact, they literally share their local UES,
| which allows the nonlinearities to be tapped-
| into, which allows one to "amplify" energy
| inputs to get greater-energy out.
| Get it?
| It's a simple "momentum" problem -- be-
| cause of the nonlinear accelerations in the
| SSW<->UES harmonics, there's a =fleet-
| ing= sub-phase in which any energy input
| comes-up-against the huge nonlinearity
| of the "shelling" phase of the harmonics,
| getting slammed-into, Violently, which
| "amplifies" it [this's what I was talking
| about when I discussed kinetic-energy
| =ranges= earlier].
| [...]

Funny story:

A LASER-Manufacturing Company moved
into the land of the old golf course where
I used to go sledding on the "Flexible Fly-
er" that my Brother spent all the money he
had to purchase for me one Christmas. ["Got
airborn real good" off the wicked bump" :-]

I applied for work there, telling them my
personal circumstances, and that I'd gladly
take care of their Data-Processing needs for

I was called-in for an "interview", and my
Hopes of being able to stay-on in my
Childhood Home -- preserving my Dad's
Workshop in his Memory, and the place
where both he and Mom, struggled to
provide for my Brothers and me, were
elevated, so I and quickly designed a fiber-
optics multi-frequency LASER-cascade
implementation of the "energy-conversion"
stuff I've discussed in this sub-thread.

Turned out that the New Plant had been
Vandalized just as it was being outfitted,
with considerable Senseless damage be-
ing done, and because, when I'd dropped
my application off, I'd emphasized that I
"live just up the street", it became obvious
to me, during the 'interview' that I'd been
"called-in" only because I was under sus-
picion with respect to the Vandalization,
and I never got around to mentioning the
LASER-cascade stuff.

I saw that all they were doing was walking-
me-around the plant, while watching my
behavior for 'clues' to any awareness of
"my having been-there before".

It's that 'easy' to pass-up a multi-Trillion $

k. p. collins 

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