Terri Schiavo Question

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> This is probably just asking for trouble, but I can't help but ask...
> First of all, according to the best available public evidence, is
> Terri Schiavo's cerebral cortex completely, totally liquified, or has
> there instead been a major loss of cortical tissue but with some
> tissue remaining.

My understanding is that most,  but not all, of her cerebral cortex has been 
replaced by fluid.

> Second -- would it be possible for oxygen deprivation to cause loss of
> the cerebral cortext, but for the lower brain centers to remain more
> or less intact?  That is, can the cerebellum, limbic system, and
> mid-brain remain pretty much functional and alive?

I guess so. Her midbrain is alivve (where eye movement is generated) and her 

> And, if yes, is there any evidence as to how much of Terri Schiavo's
> lower brain centers remain active?

Here midbrain and medulla are probably alive.

> Finally -- and here is the real kicker -- if the cerebral cortex is
> gone, but the other brain centers remain alive, is there any
> possibility that some kind of primitive experience continues, even
> with all cortical-based thinking gone?

We will never know for sure, but I don't think so.

> My understanding is that some lower animals have no cortical brain at
> all, yet one would assume they still have some kind of experience or
> awareness.  So, I am wondering if that could be the case for TS.

I think thsoe functions require a working cortex in humans and other 


> All thoughtful replies are appreciated.
> Steve O. 

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