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| Important CLARIFICATION below.
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|| [...]
|| 'containment' happens be-cause, of the way
|| the ratio of the surface-area to the volume
|| of a sphere varies nonlinearly as a sphere
|| undergoes compression [and expansion].
|| [...]
| I've been over it, Correctly, in long-former
| posts, but I 'glossed-over' the actual nonlin-
| earity when I wrote the brief statement that's
| quoted above.
| The nonlinearity happens with respect to the
| relationship that exists between a 'constant'
| quantity of energy and the volume and sur-
| face-area of a 'sphere' 'containing' that 'con-
| stant' quantity of energy, as the 'sphere' un-
| dergoes compression and expansion.
| I refer to this as the Volume/Surface-area
| ratio" [V/Ar], where the "Volume" actually
| refers to the 'constant'-quantity-of-energy-
| in-a-spherical-geometric-volume. [A "com-
| pound-'Volume'", in which Geometry and
| Action are =Deterministically= -Coupled.]
| The above is Big-'time' Science :-]
| And, as I've stated in my prior discussions
| and as it's disclosed in the lower-right frame
| of the "Compton Refraction" QBASIC[tm]
| app, that frame scaled to emphasize the non-
| linearities], the V/Ar nonlinearity accelerates
| radically-nonlinearly as the spherical compres-
| sion and expansion dynamics occur [as "nuc-
| leation" and "shelling" occur].
| "Nonlinearly-accelerating nonlinearity."
| ----- the rest of this is 'peripheral' -----
| [...]

Clarification: "peripheral" to folks other than
me -]

Anyway, what's the 'Difficulty'?

I've not "altered" any experimental results.

All I've done, in Tapered Harmony, is to
demonstrate that experimental results that
were 'seen' as 'being random' are, instead,
Deterministic, being instances of interactions
of =Continuous= energy-flow nonlinearities.

You know?

If one understands Tapered Harmony, one
cannot look upon the dynamics of so-called
"electron-positron particle-pair" creation
without Seeing their wellspring in Continuous
energy-flow nonlinearities -- all Directionalities
are mapped in =Exact= accord with such.

All other so-called "random" stuff -- same-old,

But I'm "the bad guy", because I Eliminate so-
called "randomness", "uncertainty", "quantum
weirdness", "little solar systems of little particles
orbiting other little particles", "the four forces",
etc, and Unify everything within physical real-
ity, enabling folks to do stuff, like the "energy-
conversion" stuff, upon which the future of
Humanity Depends, while "slaying 'the beast',
"Abstract Ignorance", in which the future of
Humanity Derives.

And my "reward" for having so-Loved folks
is that I'm left 'alone', no one even talking to

It's the "Horror" that I forsaw in the "Ter-
rible Times", having risen within folks' 'hearts'.

See why I so-Love Jesus?

His Rising was 'just'-the-Opposite Stuff.

On this Day of Rememberance, Easter
Sunday, 2005-03-27, =Thank You=,

In my small way, I understand the Infin-
ite-Scope of Your Gift, and I see-into
what must've been Your Infinite Sorrow,
that, although it was Terrible, that it was
not the Ravaging of Your Human form
that Hurt the most.

I Believe, Lord.

=Thank You=.

Love, ken

[k. p. collins]

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