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|| Important CLARIFICATION below.
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||| [...]
||| 'containment' happens be-cause, of the way
||| the ratio of the surface-area to the volume
||| of a sphere varies nonlinearly as a sphere
||| undergoes compression [and expansion].
||| [...]
|| I've been over it, Correctly, in long-former
|| posts, but I 'glossed-over' the actual nonlin-
|| earity when I wrote the brief statement that's
|| quoted above.

The Correct Calculation was given in a
QBASIC[tm] app I posted that modelled
the hydrogen line spectrum and cross-sor-
elated it to the prevailing 'quantum' view.

|| [...]

It's 'funny' that folks have 'difficulty' with
the general energy-'contained'-by-energy
stuff that exists at the heart of Tapered
Harmony -- because, when one "steps-
back", a bit, to take a look at Human
behavioral dynamics, one sees, clearly,
that they are "bounded", 'recursively', by
generalized energy-'contained'-by-energy
dynamics :-]

That's all that 'comprises' the 'walls' of
the 'tunnels' that 'contain' folks' innate
abilities to See physical reality.

Get it?

Be-cause folks hadn't come to understand
how and why nervous system function re-
duces to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
mization, when anyone tries to "escape the
'tunnel'", the behaviors they manifest tend
to be 'unfamiliar' folks around them [tend
to, 'blindly' and automatically, induce TD
E/I(up) within others' nervous systems],
and folks tend to manifest behaviors that're
literally, but 'sub-consciously, Calculated
to "negatively-sanction" the 'unfamiliar' be-
haviors that the first person manifested.

Get it?

The "negative sanctions" are 'just' energy-
'contained'-by-energy stuff :-]

It's how, and why, 'societies' maintain the
'walls' of "the 'tunnel'".

It's kind of Sorrowfully-'funny' -- like a
"Prison" into which everyone ='agrees'= to
be "Confined" :-]

The Sorrowful stuff overflows from such.

Folks routinely Ravage those who commit
"violations" of "the 'tunnel's" 'walls' -- and
'societies' wage War upon each other to
'defend' their "right" to remain Confined
within =their-own= 'tunnel', and to try to
force others into-it, 'two'.

Rather than just understanding how and
why all of the correlated Savagery arises
from a 'trick' that their nervous systems
'play' upon them, folks 'choose' to 'live'
in self-imposed 'blindness' that cannot see
beyond the 'walls' of the 'tunnels' in which
they 'exist' -- in which their Lives are 'con-

It's all 'just' energy-'contained'-by-energy,
right-there, within 'all' Human interactive

So it's 'funny' that folks have 'difficulty'
seeing Tapered Harmony's energy-'con-
tained'-by-energy stuff.

k. p. collins 

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