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Important CLARIFICATION below.

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||| Important CLARIFICATION below.
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|||| [...]
|||| 'containment' happens be-cause, of the way
|||| the ratio of the surface-area to the volume
|||| of a sphere varies nonlinearly as a sphere
|||| undergoes compression [and expansion].
|||| [...]
||| I've been over it, Correctly, in long-former
||| posts, but I 'glossed-over' the actual nonlin-
||| earity when I wrote the brief statement that's
||| quoted above.
| The Correct Calculation was given in a
| QBASIC[tm] app I posted that modelled
| the hydrogen line spectrum and cross-sor-
| elated it to the prevailing 'quantum' view.
||| [...]
| It's 'funny' that folks have 'difficulty' with
| the general energy-'contained'-by-energy
| stuff that exists at the heart of Tapered
| Harmony -- because, when one "steps-
| back", a bit, to take a look at Human
| behavioral dynamics, one sees, clearly,
| that they are "bounded", 'recursively', by
| generalized energy-'contained'-by-energy
| dynamics :-]
| That's all that 'comprises' the 'walls' of
| the 'tunnels' that 'contain' folks' innate
| abilities to See physical reality.
| Get it?
| Be-cause folks hadn't come to understand
| how and why nervous system function re-
| duces to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
| mization, when anyone tries to "escape the
| 'tunnel'", the behaviors they manifest tend
| to be 'unfamiliar' folks around them [tend
| to, 'blindly' and automatically, induce TD
| E/I(up) within others' nervous systems],
| and folks tend to manifest behaviors that're
| literally, but 'sub-consciously, Calculated
| to "negatively-sanction" the 'unfamiliar' be-
| haviors that the first person manifested.
| Get it?
| The "negative sanctions" are 'just' energy-
| 'contained'-by-energy stuff :-]
| It's how, and why, 'societies' maintain the
| 'walls' of "the 'tunnel'".
| It's kind of Sorrowfully-'funny' -- like a
| "Prison" into which everyone ='agrees'= to
| be "Confined" :-]
| The Sorrowful stuff overflows from such.
| Folks routinely Ravage those who commit
| "violations" of "the 'tunnel's" 'walls' -- and
| 'societies' wage War upon each other to
| 'defend' their "right" to remain Confined
| within =their-own= 'tunnel', and to try to
| force others into-it, 'two'.


Note well, the "commit[ting of] 'violations'",
that I refer to in the paragraph above, does
=NOT= "sanction anarchy".

=Of course= it's Important for Societies to
Negatively-Sanction acts that Prey-upon,
and Victimize, members of Societies.

That's so Obvious I didn't even think of
addressing it in my earlier post.

Everybody knows where I stand with 're-
spect' to Predatory Victimization.

I was focused upon the 'blindly'-automated
Predatory Victimization that heaps-up Neg-
ative Sacntions against folks who work in
earnest to lift Society up out of the 'blindness'
through which Society so commonly 'shoots
itself in the foot' -- ~"sows the seeds of its
own wearing of chains" [A. Lincoln].

You know -- "It shouldn't be so hard to do
good" -- it shouldn't be so hard to do stuff
that just Needs to be done.

The wellspring of the 'Difficulty' inherent is
that, to actually See "what needs to be done",
one has to "step-outside-of" all that's become
"routine" -- be-cause all that's "routine" is all
'blindly'-automated, and, therefore, unthink-
ingly self-perpetuating.

So, if one is going to Fix what's Broken, in
there, what one who "breaks through the
'walls' of the 'tunnel'" converges upon will
be "different" from "what was" -- and "what
was" will, in terms of TD E/I-minimization
within the nervous systems of folks who've
not "stepped outside of" all that's become
"routine", still be "what is" -- and the "dif-
ferent" behavior of the one who "broke
through the 'walls' of the 'tunnel'" will in-
duce elevated TD E/I within the nervous
systems of folks who've not experienced
what the "break-through"-er experienced,
and these folks'll react to that occurrence
of TD E/I(up) =within their own nervous=
systems in ways that 'move away from' the
external-experiential source of that TD E/I(up),
the "break-through"-er, which results in
their, simultaneously, 'moving away from,
the stuff that just Needs to be done with-
in a Society.

So "the walls of the 'tunnel'" are 'blindly'
and automatically 'sustained'.


There's a Sinister 'side' of all of this that I
didn't address in my earlier post [which is
quoted in its entirety along with this ad-
dendum]. It is that the way societal "sanc-
tions" are unthinkingly meted-out tends
to result in their being used, by folks who
"slip through the cracks", as a sort of 'text-
book' on "how not to get caught".

So the 'blind'-automation ends up being
a 'teacher' of Depravity, which is exactly
the opposite of that which 'societies' "norms"
are "supposed" to do. [See the discussion of
"consistent inconsistency" in AoK, Ap8.]

What this Sinister stuff comes down to is
folks giving "lip service" to 'societies' norms',
when all they're doing is 'blindly' and auto-
matically 'moving away from' doing the work
that's Necessary for =any= Society to actual-
ly be Functional. The discussion of the "vol-
itional diminishing-returns decision", in AoK,
Ap7 explains how and why the rising-up of
such Sinister stuff is 'tolerated' within nerv-
ous systems. The discussion of "inwardly
spiralling" interactive dynamics, in AoK,
Ap8, is strongly correllated -- Children who
are born into Destitution and Poverty tend
to be 'groomed' in ways that reflect the Pov-
erty and Destitution into which they were
born, and such 'grooming' includes the
subtlties of their behavioral manifestations,
which are experienced by nervous systems
of 'normal' folks as 'being indicators' of the
Child's existing 'outside of societies' norms',
so these Children who most-Need Societies'
Love are, instead, 'blindly' and automatically
'moved away from' by nervous systems that
'knee-jerk' when they experience the TD
E/I(up) that occurs within them when they
experience the 'grooming' of a Child who's
been born into Destitution and Poverty.

And, in such Unthinking behavior, 'society'
'shoots itself in the foot' -- because the
Child who is so 'moved away from' exists
'apart' from 'normal' experiencing of Societal
Norms, so her or his nervous system achieves
TD E/I-minimization with respect to "what's
left" within her or his experiential circumstances,
which "amplifies" the net dynamics, the "inward
spiral" becoming ever-stronger, until 'society'
ends up not only not receiving the benefit of
what =only= that Child could have contributed
to Society, but spending hundreds of thousands
[or millions] of dollars to "capture", Litigate-
against, Incarcerate, the Adult-who-was-'moved
away from'-as-a-Child, and to Rebuild the
Destruction that she or he has caused.

This's how 'society' makes sexual-Predation,
Murder, and generalized-Criminality.

Here, again, the Victimizer is 'the beast',
"Abstract Ignorance", the comprehension
of which has been 'moved away from'.

You know?

The ~two months I spent Imprisoned were
not "wasted". I Studied this stuff, in my fellow
Inmates while I was in-there, and, although
there were a few obvious 'exceptions' during
my 2nd Incarceration, it was plain-to-see that
virtually all of the Prisoners had, in their Child-
hoods, been Failed by 'society' in this way. [I
know it'll sound as if I'm 'making-it-up', but I
=wanted= to spend some 'time' in-Prison so
that I could be-with the Victims of 'society' in
order to Study this stuff. [I tried to volunteer
to get in, as an Undergrad, to do the same
Studying, because one of my Professors, who
I'd Great Respect for, had done so, with good
results. I wanted to Test my understanding..
So, later, when I'd no means to otherwise
'survive', I did my Studies. I Know what I'm
talking about, in this post -- because I "go"
where the Answers Live. [I just completed
another such Study this past Saturday.]]

It always makes my jaw hang down -- the
way 'society' "beeps"-along, oblivious to
what it's Actively doing to these "Throwaway
Children" [don't recall the Author's Name] -- 
and, then, 'blaming' the Children-become-
Norms, for the Consequences of ='society's=
'blindly'-automated 'moving away from' -- 
for 'socitey's 'moving toward the beast', instead
of 'moving toward' the Impoverished Child.

It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' -- not only because
it's so Tragic, not only because of all the Waste
that it inflicts upon Societies' going-forward-
nesses, but because all it'd take to Lift Societies
Up Above these Tragic dynamics was Laid At
Societies' Feet 'decades' ago -- in AoK -- all
the work, Done. All 'society' had to do is Re-
ceive it.

It's 'Funny' how stuff like this happens -- folks
who 'live' in "the 'tunnel'", and, thus, just have
no way of being able to See, 'move away from'
the folks who've done the work inherent in

But it's only 'Funny', because the Sorrow
inherent is 'two'-Great.

Folks Victimizing Innocents be-cause they
'move away from' understanding =their own=
Victimization at the 'hands' of 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization.

Even when Truth is Laid-At-Their-Feet.

You "doubt"?

Spend some 'time' Holding a New-Born Infant.

=Any= 'normally'-thriving New-Born-Infant,
=anywhere= in the world.

You'll See, in Her or Him, Innocence-Per-
fected, able to Learn =whatever= it is
that She or He will Experience.

How do we let these Innocents 'fall through
the cracks'?

It's as I've discussed, above.

Folks 'blame' it on "genetics", etc., but all
that happens is that the Child's nervous
system, 'blindly' and automatically 'moves
toward' achieving TD E/I-minimization
with respect to the Negative-image of
Society that 'society' allows her or him to

And, when the Adult-'moved away from'-
as-a-Child 'violates' societal norms that
the Child Learned in-the-Negative, 'soc-
iety asks', "How did that happen?"

If it weren't so Exceedingly-Tragic, it'd
be "Funny".

k. p. collins

| Rather than just understanding how and
| why all of the correlated Savagery arises
| from a 'trick' that their nervous systems
| 'play' upon them, folks 'choose' to 'live'
| in self-imposed 'blindness' that cannot see
| beyond the 'walls' of the 'tunnels' in which
| they 'exist' -- in which their Lives are 'con-
| tained'.
| It's all 'just' energy-'contained'-by-energy,
| right-there, within 'all' Human interactive
| dynamics.
| So it's 'funny' that folks have 'difficulty'
| seeing Tapered Harmony's energy-'con-
| tained'-by-energy stuff.
| k. p. collins 

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