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|| [...]
|| So, later, when I'd no means to otherwise
|| 'survive', I did my Studies. I Know what I'm
|| talking about, in this post -- because I "go"
|| where the Answers Live. [...]
| I Study =everything= -- [...]

Especially, the 'Difficult' stuff.

You know -- the stuff whose primary "identifier"
exists in the way that folks sort of "slink-away"
['move away from'] when it shows itself.

When one Studies such stuff, one's jaw always
hangs down -- because such stuff is always al-
most-Nothing, yet its 'power' is so 'Great' in
folks' Lives.

Be-cause NDT's understanding is as it is -- 
a Redefining of what it is to be Human -- I've
had ample 'opportunity' to Study the 'Difficult'

NDT's understanding has been met, almost ex-
clusively, for ~35 'years', with 'moving away
from' behavior.

It's not because NDT does not exist as fully-
substantiated Science. It's exactly that.

Yet, almost to a Person, folks've 'moved away
from' allowing NDT's stuff to be generally-Com-

I've Studied all of this, too, and, as folks who've
been reading the stuff I've posted, here in b.n
and elsewhere, over the 'years' know, I've also
been discussing this 'Difficult' stuff.

What it comes down to is 'fear' -- 'fear' that ex-
ists within folks' 'hearts' be-cause the "biological
masses" [AoK, Ap5] that exist within folks' nerv-
ous systems was formed as by-products of the
experiences that they accumulated =before=
they'd opportunity to experience NDT's under-
standing -- and it's been 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization, with respect to that formerly-
constructed "biological mass", that's been order-
ing folks' behaviors in ways that've been Direct-
ed to 'move away from' NDT's understanding.

The old, long-'familiar' "biological mass" allows
greater TD E/I-minimization to occur within folks'
nervous systems than does the NDT-correlated
neural activation that occurs within their nervous

And it's been on the basis of this 'blindly'-automa-
ted TD E/I-minimization, that doesn't even 'see'
or acknowledge, Truth, that folks've 'moved away
from' NDT's understanding, long-ago, with great
'antagonistic-hubbub', with that sort of 'reaction'
to NDT's relative-'unfamiliarity' gradually subsid-
ing, but the 'moving away from' remaining in its

It's a =Really= 'Difficult' Problem, and one that
I'd no "right" to 'give-up' working-on -- be-cause,
as I've discussed, reiteratively, it's been the Same-
Stuff that's Ravaged Humanity since the Beginning.

So, when one sees that it's so, one who possesses
NDT's understanding has no "right" to say, "Oh well,
guess Humanity will just have to go on in it's self-
Ravaging 'way'."

Instead, one must do what can be done -- even
at the cost of one's Life -- =not= "because [one]
has a death wish", but be-cause one has a Life-
Wish, on behalf of all People, everywhere, includ-
ing one's self.

But it's 'funny' how it's gone.

I've really Tried to get NDT's understanding, at
the 'level' of AoK, Communicated. I mean, I've
=Really= Tried.

So it's been Obvious to me that I'd not "Failed"
to do what needed to be done to enable the Com-
munication of NDT's understanding.

But it still remains not-Generally-Communicated.

And the biggest part of 'why' that's been so is
that, as I discussed above, folks've experienced
'fear' with respect to NDT's stuff.

'fear' that arises within the stuff of the old-'way'
that folks've experienced.

Previously-established "biological mass" determ-
ining 'what will be'.

'what was' determining 'what will be'.

Not Thought.

Nor Experiment.

Nor Synthesis.

Not even within Science.

With respect to NDT's understanding, it's been
'science' that's led the "stampede" of 'moving
away from'.

So it's been a 'Difficult' Problem.

It's long been apparent to me that working to
Solve this Problem would probably Cost me
everything, including my Life.

I've not actually discussed most of what's
been going on offline. It's been 'pretty'-Nasty,
with all manner of 'blindly'-automated 'power'
Crushing-down, in obviously-orchestrated
'ways', upon 'me'.

What does one do when such 'Pressure' is
exerted against one as a result of one's just
doing what one Knows Needs to be done?

Does one 'cave-in' to such 'pressure'?

Not if one actually expects what one Knows
Needs to be done to actually Be Done -- be-
cause, if one 'acquiesces' to such 'pressures',
in so doing, one's own behavior Negates
the Possibility of what Needs to be done
actually Being Done.


So that leaves one having to do the 'Difficult'
stuff that Needs to be done, if the 'Difficult'
Problem is to actually Be Resolved.

But it's =IMPORTANT= to Remember,
while one is doing so, that folks're =Victims=
of the former absence-of-understanding.

If anyone wants a Test of "what they're made
of", there it is.

To Fix what Needs Fixing, =without= doing
anything that "closes the door" to =anyone=.

It's =Hard=.

One cannot 'move away from' doing what
Needs to be Done -- so when one sees stuff
that Needs to be Done, one must Do it, even
though one understands that folks' 'fears' will
induce them to, in turn, 'move away from' one,
and that'll Cost one one's Life.

But the "Rewards" of =just= Doing what Needs
to be Done, while simultaneously doing =nothing=
that "closes the door" to =anyone=, are Great.

Can't "buy a burger" with them, but they Nurture
one's Being, nevertheless.

They can, however, "purchase" a Genuine-Future
for the Children.

So, when I do what Needs to be Done, as I
did earlier this 'day', and as I've done repeatedly,
in the past, don't 'fear'.

Rather, understand that I'm just "chipping-away"
at the 'fear' that's imposed 'Silence' within folks

See that the "door remains open".

And See the Love in the fact that it does.


I'm leaning-toward wrapping-up this online 'life'.

I wanted to do more, but when I saw that the
Life-encoding-Life Problem that's encapsulated
within any old eucaryotic cell has been Forsaken,
while folks're 'rushing' to 'manipulate' "the genome",
without having, first, Learned how to do 3-D E,
it just 'broke-my-heart'.

I've Studied the History of Science, but have rarely
encountered a greater Offense being committed 'in
the name of science'.

If folks 'manipulate' "the genome", without having,
first, Learned how to do 3-D E, they'll be placing
the Future of Humanity in Grave Peril -- by loosing
stuff that will only show its Truth way, way, way
"down the road", and then it'll be 'two'-late.

It's Sorrowfully-'funny' how stuff like this goes.

It's a "replication" of the "big-science-think" through
which so-called "nuclear weapons" were unleashed
upon Humanity, even though folks didn't understand
what an 'atom' is -- that, when an 'atom' is "split",
there's more energy than is in the 'atom' that's involved,
and that there's Grave-Danger to Humanity in the
Action of that "more-energy".

It's Sorrowfully-'funny' how, and why, Humanity
"shoots itself in the foot" in this 'way'.

'manipulating' "the genome" without, first, Learning
3-D E -- same-old, same-old.

How many more such Blunders, 'in the name of
science', can Humanity Survive?

I 'wonder', be-cause of the way in which folks've
'moved away from' NDT's Science.

Because of the way 'government' has 'moved away
from' Truth.

Because of the way that 'science' has 'moved away
from' Truth.

Because of the way 'business' has 'moved away
from' Truth.

Because of the way 'journalism' has 'moved away
from' Truth.

You know?

Truth =Is=.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors one right back.

Not, and not.


Yet folks still 'believe' in 'Fairy Tales'?

That, if they "don't look, it doesn't exist"?

That's a 'Prescription' for the Demise of Humanity.

And I'm 'the bad guy' -- because I Love folks
enough to Honor Truth in their 'presence' :-|

But I still Hope that folks will not Kill me
because I've done so.

The 95% remains uncommunicated, and
all of that stuff will be lost to Humanity if
folks Kill me because I've Honored Truth
in their 'presence'.

I =just= want to do what Needs to be Done.

Is that a "Capital Offense"?

k. p. collins

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