The feeling of time

Dave Reckoning Dave_Reckoning at
Mon Mar 28 22:41:57 EST 2005

> 'time' has no physically-real existence out-
> side of this Communications problem.
> It's a man-made concept that's "overlayed"
> upon the 3-D Energydynamics that occur
> within nervous systems -- so that folks can
> effectively =communicate= with respect to
> the 3-D Energydynamics that they col-
> lectively experience -- so that such com-
> munication is, itself, ordered in a way that
> imparts 3-D Energydynamics within "re-
> ceiving" nervous systems that more or
> less "replicate" the 3-D Energydynamics
> that stimulated the act of "communication"
> within the "sending" nervous system.
> Cheers, k. p. collins
Everything is only related to everything else :)

I must be reading this wrong for I would still argue for at least a sense of 
the duration of the sensations that I expierence and then I might be 
compelled to even argue for the existance of an internal mechinism which 
measures time; the part of my brain that always makes sure that I wake up 1 
min. before the alarm goes off in the morning.

When I say an hour has passed while sitting in quiet meditation, what is it 
that tells me so?

I am quite sure that there must be something in there that is measuring and 
keeping track of time. I can feel it!

Dave Reckoning

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