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> | I just read an interesting article related to Terri Schiavo at this 
> site:
> | www.villagevoice.com
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> | The title of the article is
> | Terri Schiavo--Judicial Murder
> |
> | I believe that this is the first time in America that various judges
> | have conspired with a husband to murder his wife by starving her to 
> death.
> | The judges won't even allow family members to put ice chips on the 
> tongue
> | of Terri Schiavo.
> There's a =lot= of Crucial stuff that's
> being "swept under the table" in
> the Terri Schiavo 'case'.
> Her Husband's "Malpractice" Lawsuit
> was Predicated upon his "wanting to
> keep her Alive.
> The Decision was made to keep her
> Alive.
> That Decision Acted within, and Determ-
> ined, her Existence for 15 'years'.
> Her Parents are Willing to do the Work
> inherent in Sustaining her existence.
> I've seen [and discussed here in bionet.
> neuroscience] a more-drasticly-damaged
> brain which belonged to an Englishman
> who was largely-functional.

Irrelevent. Her brain is non-functional above the brainstem.

> Now, after allowing Terri to endure 15
> 'years' of the Sustained Existence, her
> Husband Decides that the Decision
> which Predicated his Lawsuit was In-
> correct, and, after 15 'years' of their
> believing his prior Decision, their Lives
> being pretty-much Determined by it, that
> he cannot allow her Parents to just con-
> tinue believing in the Correctness of his
> prior Decision.

Actually, it was after about 8 years when he finally smelled the coffee and 
realized that she will never get better.

> ---
> There's a lot of 'medical' stuff that under-
> pins what's going-on. Folks're routinely
> Killed by 'medicine' as a matter of 'con-
> venience'.


> I've some personal experience with this.
> My Mom was Killed in this way.
> She had terminal cancer, and, after Fighting
> like the Champion-Woman she was for
> eight 'years', had left instructions to forgo
> "heroic efforts".
> Part of her former treatment was to receive
> massive blood transfusions when her intern-
> al organs would reach the point where they'd
> hemorrhage. The transfusions would resttore
> her blood-counts, and she'd rebound to
> relatively-strong 'normal' functionality for
> 6 'months' or so.
> She went through such transfusions repeatedly,
> always with the 'same' result.
> When she had her final crisis, I was 'incarcer-
> ated', and, in my absence, no one expressed
> her wishes to not "heroically" ressuscitated.
> So, during her emergency care, she was given
> massive transfusions, which 'completely' res-
> suscitated her.
> She met my eyes, there in her intensive-care
> bed, all tubed and wired up, with her usual
> impish grin -- just happy to see me.
> I'd seen the same Joyous result repeatedly
> during the 'years' she Struggled against her
> cancer, and Knew that we'd have 'time' to-
> gether.
> But her Doctors didn't see the same.
> They put her on a morphine drip, saying
> that she'd expire at any 'moment'.
> Listening to them, I stayed with her, giving
> her water with a sponge.
> After staying for 7 days, I finally discussed
> her cyclic-transfusion-"rejuvenation" with
> her Doctors, and told them that she was
> not succumbing to her cancer but to Thirst.
> After listening to me her Doctors promised
> me that they would get her out of that wait-
> ing-for-Death 'state', and take actions that
> would take advantage of the results of the
> massive transfusions that she'd received.
> I went home that night so I could take a
> shower, only to receive a telephone call
> saying that she'd died.
> She was Murdered.
> This same sort of thing happens routinely,
> as a matter of 'convenience', within 'medicine'.

Evidence please. This report is anecdote, at best.

> "After all, everybody dies."
> But, you see? Just as my Mom's Life should've
> been Sustained be-cause, despite her having
> Decided to undergo no further "heroic efforts",
> be-cause Heroic efforts were, nevertheless,
> enacted, the Decisions that Predicated her
> Husband's Legal action must be Honored.
> The only thing that's altered is "money"-stuff,
> and that's moot because Terri's Parents have
> said that they are willing to Sustain Terri's
> Life, and the Court's original Disposition in
> Terri's case, which was in-Accord with her
> Husband's stated wishes and Decisions.
> If it's as her Husband says -- that Terri had
> expressed to him that she would not want
> to be sustained in the way that she has, in fact,
> been Sustained, her Husband was Wrong
> either then, or now.

He was wrong in that he thought she would eventually get better. After he 
realized that she would not get better, ever, he decided  it was time to 
carry out her wishes.

> So, see?
> Decistions that are made =matter=, and, once
> those Decisions =Act= to alter the course of
> things, one cannot 'toss-out' those Decisions,
> and their Ramifications, as a matter of 'con-
> venience'.
> But that's exactly what's being done in the
> Terri Schiavo case.
> And it Stinks -- be-cause, in what's unfolding,
> a Mockery is being made of everything that
> underpins Medicine.
> Medicine is =not= a "crap-shoot".
> The doing of Medicine is Predicated upon
> the fact that Medicine is Functional, so
> when Medicine Acts, Medicine cannot,
> subsequently, deny the Rationale for it's
> having taken-Action -- else the Rationale
> for Doing Medicine becomes undermined.
> Everything that's been going on in the Terri
> Schiavo case falls into this "Undermining of
> the Rationale upon which the Doing of Med-
> icine Rests".
> The =Decision= was made 15 'years' ago.
> A Court Case was won by Terri's Husband.
> Everything that's transpired since then, up until
> the recent "changing of her Husband's mind",
> Derived in that Legal Decision.
> Terri Schiavo has been Sustained in her 'state'
> of Existence be-cause of that prior Legan
> Decision.
> Now the Court 'denies' its former Decision?
> How, then, is =Law= to be Sustained?
> I mean, the former Decision, which has
> Determined Terri Schiavo's Existence for 15
> 'years', is, now, after having Dared to so
> alter the course of her Existence, and her
> Parents' and Brothers' Existences, a "Whoops!"?

No. The situtation was different after he determined that she would not ever 
get better.

> If that's the case, then it's also the case that
> everything that Derived in that earlier Legal
> Decision must be reversed if the former
> Decision is reversed.
> But how can that be done?
> Folks Lived in accord with that earlier
> Decisions, Good Citizens, Honoring the
> Decision of the Court.
> Now the Court says, "Whoops!"?
> Who will pay back the Malpractice Award?

The malpractice award was for poor medical care that resulted in a heart 

> Who will give Terri's Parents and Brother
> a "different 15 'years'?
> And, most important of all, who will say
> what is "different" for Terri Schiavo now,
> than what were her interests when the former
> Legal Decision was made?

The person she designated by marrying him.

> Surely her nervous system is different, now,
> than it was 15 'years' ago.
> 100% of that "difference" Derives in the
> Court's prior Decision.
> I wish I could be more-"eloquent", but
> the above is what the Terri Schiavo "case"
> means to me.
> Her Parents are Willing to Care for her.
> Her Life was obviously Sustainable.
> Just as my Mom's was.
> After the Decisions that Sustained
> her Life, and which Imposed upon her
> Parents and Brother what they did Impose
> upon her Parents and Brother, were made,
> why Kill her?
> It doesn't make-Sense.

It doesn't make sense. This is a personal matter between her husband and 
her. The courts ruled. that should be the end of it. Bush and Bush should 
not be involved.


> K. P. Collins

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