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| What I wanted to study was the way that "white
| light happens" when the primary colors are "mix-
| ed". "Where does the color go?" :-]
| [...]

| Apparently, I was observing an "amplification"
| when "white light happens" -- "frequency-
| coupled amplification".

Can you see it?

In the 2-color-overlay zones, "color" always
remains, no matter what filters and illumination-
intensities are used.

But, in the 3-Color-overlay zone, "Poof!",
all "color" 'goes-away'.

"Where does the color go?"

If the light intensities are not properly adjusted,
"color" remains in the 3-color-overlay zone.

But adjust the light intensities just-so, and "Poof!"
no "color".

"Where does the color go?"

As I see it, the necessary adjustment of the three
intensities is telling. It results in a precise apportion-
ing of quantities of light-having-specific-frequencies
within the 3-color-overlay zone, and I see this as
balancing the UES-flow amongst the SSW<->UES
harmonics that comprise the eye's photoreceptors,
resulting in a sort of co-operative 'synchronization'
of their harmonics' nonlinearities -- which yields(?)
the "frequency-coupled amplification" that I ob-
served in my High School Science Project.

[An alternative view is that the "disappearance of
color" occurs solely as a function of eyes' photo-
receptors -- nothing more than a way of "seeing"
that there's a, more or less, complete presence of
"light" of the three primary colors. But this doesn't
explain the Necessity of adjusting the illumination-
intensities [this could be due to filter-inaccuracies
[that is, if the filters, themselves, were not "primary-
color-frequency]] or the "frequency-coupled amp-
lification" that I observed.]

Anyway, the above stuff was, in fact, the first way
that I saw that there must be a "harmonic-tuning"
involved, which almost-immediately precipitated
the first insights into the "ssw<->ues" harmonics -- 
volume-integral-type interactions that I was able to
tune, there, in the "apparatus" that I'd cobbled-to-
gether in Dad's Workshop -- funded completely
with my paper-route earnings :-]

"Big-'time' Science happens mostly in the stuff
that Neuroscience Studies, not in "mega-bucks".

And, 'now', Neuroscience can See nervous sys-
tems Doing-Physics, and how and why they do

It's Beautiful!

Take a Look.

[I should re-post my discussion of "Maths Au
Natural, here -- so that folks can tie that stuff
together with this Tapered-Harmony stuff [so
that folks can See how nervous systems do
Maths via the the "Coulomb forces" that func-
tion in accord with this 'new' Physics that I've
[briefly] discussed.

I'll see if I can find that prior Maths discussion,
and post it if I can find it.]

k. p. collins 

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