Tapered Harmony Primer [again -- was other stuff]

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| [I should re-post my discussion of "Maths Au
| Natural, here -- so that folks can tie that stuff
| together with this Tapered-Harmony stuff [so
| that folks can See how nervous systems do
| Maths via the the "Coulomb forces" that func-
| tion in accord with this 'new' Physics that I've
| [briefly] discussed.
| [...]

"Groan"... The former discussion was written
at the 'level' of AoK. It needs to be rewritten at
the 'level' of the "Coulomb forces" to bring it
up to the 'level' of the "Tapered Harmony
Primer" discussion.

It's all just 3-D E.

[The former discussion can be found by doing
a Groups Google[tm] on "Maths au Natural".
Reading it will give folks insights into what I've
referred to as "translating on the fly", which
I've always tried to do at a 'level' that it seems
folks're ready to receive. But I've speeded-up,
in my recent posts. It was stuff in an Article,
honoring Hans Bethe, that showed me that I
=Must= do so.]]

k. p. collins 

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