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>> Well,
>> at least Terri Schiavo's personal tragedy is over.  Now the wrongful 
>> death
>> suit can begin.
>> I think the husband absolutely did the right thing to allow her to die 
>> when
>> it was clear to him there was no hope left.  Of course, an overdose of
>> anesthetic should have been administered long ago.  The parents, on the
>> other hand, seem to have wanted the WORST situation, where she would be
>> aware of the state she was living in.  That's just about the most cruel
>> thing I can think of.  I don't blame the husband for not wanting the 
>> parents
>> at her bedside at death if that's the situation they were hoping for.  I
>> hope the person I named as Power of Attorney over my medicial decisions 
>> will
>> be as compassionate has Michael Schiavo was.
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>> > She can't swallow.<
>> >
>> > Water is absorbed through the tongue as with a gtn spray
>> > >
>> >
>> >
>> >
> He did not allow her to die. The judges forced her to starve to death. If
> you locked your dog or cat in a room and did not feed the cat or dog for
> three weeks--you would be arrested and placed in jail for animal abuse.

It was Terri's wish that she not be kept alive artificially.

> They done the exact same thing to Terri.

No. Food was available to Terri. She was unable to eat. The difference is 
that Terri expressed that she did  not want to be kept alive artificially.

> A man in my town was recently
> arrested and placed in jail because he had about one dozen really skinny
> horses on his property that he owned.

Good. But in Terri's case, it was Terri who was unable to eat. It was  her 
wish that was carried out.


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