[Neuroscience] Re: Unusual Long-Term Memory

RICARDO RESTREPO ricrest at verizon.net
Sat Nov 5 00:19:33 EST 2005

Glen is extremely sceptic, that is good. But in this case it is more likely 
to think that it is a real memory than an induced one. The three years 
threshold is only an average (although a very sharp average, that is with 
almost all the data very close to it), so 2.5 or 2 years is not a "very 
weird" time for cerebral development.
Regards, Ricardo

"Radium" <glucegen1 at excite.com> wrote in message 
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> Hi:
> I hope I am posting to an appropriate group.
> I really like the house in Stamford, Connecticut. It was on 263
> Strawberry Hill Avenue. I lived in that house for the 1st 2.5 years of
> my life. I was born on 10-22-83. It was my favorite house.
> How is it that I could remembers things before I turned 3? Doesn't
> long-term memory start at around 3?
> H*** I can remember see one of my aunts in the hospital. This was when
> my aunt was giving birth to her son in September of '85. I obviously
> didn't know why she was in the hospital but I do remember her lying on
> a bed. I can remember her being very uncomforable. This memory has been
> confirmed by my parents as my aunt giving giving birth to her son.
> During this, I was a month less than 2 years of age!
> I really like that house for some reason. It felt so big, so magical,
> so psychedelic, clean, and comfortable. It was like a different world.
> But I wasn't in that house for the entire first 2.5 years. I had gone
> to India in '86 from January to July. I could differentiate Stamford
> and India from each other. I can remeber returing from India to
> Connecticut. After I can back we only stayed in the Stamford house for
> 3 days [well, my parents think it was 3 days! For me it felt much
> longer, even though I loved the Stamford house!] before moving to a
> burrough called "Queens" in New York.
> Really, the house in Stamford felt like a different world and I can
> remember it.
> My family is Indian. There are some Indian songs that they played that
> remind me of the house in Stamford, Connecticut. When listening to
> those songs, I actally feel like I am in that house again! It is just
> so amazing and real.
> Is their something wierd about me than enables me to go beyond 3 years
> of age?
> Anyone else in this group, feel free to tell me how far into your
> childhood you can remember.
> Scientifically [at least in current research] what deteremines how
> early long-term memory starts?
> Any assistance on this matter will be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Radium

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