[Neuroscience] Re: Opinions on pipette manipulators

Christian Wilms usenet02 at out-of-phase.de
Wed Nov 9 04:43:56 EST 2005

<connelly.bill at gmail.com> wrote:

> I found by sealing off my room, to stop draughts, it made a big change

One aspect that hasn't been discussed in this thread is drifting of the
pipette due to temperature changes. This would be independent of the
manipulator. If you are working at temperatures higher than room temp
any slight draught will change the temp around the rear part of the
pipette. Now a temperature dependent change in pipette length would be
neglible. Due irregularities of the pipette glas the pipette will tend
to bend and this will easily produce movements on the scale of several
tens of microns. 

There is a tech note by Axon on this topic and I would give the idea
some consideration, before blaming everything on the manipulator (poor
thing gets way too much blame anyway :-)

CU, Christian

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