[Neuroscience] Smokers at higher risk of developing PTSD

Peter F fell_spambotswamp_in at ozemaildorcomdotau
Tue Nov 8 22:03:23 EST 2005


EPT comment on the (above linked to) article:

For those who have an overview not just of the neuronal plasticity and
the repertoire of self-regulatory strategies that brains are capable of
in response to lifetime influences/situations, it should be fairly
obvious that the uncovered "nicotine factor" might well modify not so
much the automatic "storage" or 'stamping/conditioning in' of a
traumatic event or situation, but its "gating" (filtering or blocking) -
that is, e.g., an LTD of specific synapsing surfaces/cells that becomes
largely chronically called for, and normally induced, by any genuinely
traumatic influence or situation.

In fact, this addictive substance, nicotine, is likely to have augmented
the natural "trauma gating" tendency to the effect that
a beneficial self-regulatory processing of trauma-induced neuronal
signals, through optimally open (i.e. otherwise to have allowed a less
constrained flow of neuronal information) synaptic connections, became

What is being "gated" is of course potentially self-defeatingly distress
motivating, trauma specific, nerve signals.

In other words:
What by definition happens, and come to exist, in response to being in
any "SHITS" (Type of Situation/s that as if "Implore" the individual to
be capable of Specific/synaptic Hibernation) is a "Conditioned-in" (so
to speak), or [for those daft enough to not realize that
"conditioned-in" is meant with realistic and pragmatic looseness -
"ctored"], chronically kept hibernated, hence Unconsciously Remembered,
Stimulation (sorely stressful and situationally stuck-with such),
Effecting Symptoms.

[- N.B. - In order for you to find out how I produced "SHITS", simply
rearrange the capitalized words appropriately.

In the case of "CURSES", in order to put this likewise apt concEPT
firmly on your mind just join the capitalized words .

If you care to be really trivially distracted, feel free to note that a
far more spooky spelling of this concEPT, than CURSES, is possible and
has already been insinuated.]

The comprehensive spectrum of symptoms encompassingly pointed to by help
of the insight-inspiring acronymic allusiveness allowed by the concept
CURSES, does of course also contain (and are most certainly not just
confined to) the narrow-mindedly concerned-with symptoms that it has
become popular to refer to by help of the turgidly abstracting,
euphemizing, mere abbreviation, PTSD.


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