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Mika Yrjönen eclipsenot at netscape.net
Tue Nov 29 05:46:41 EST 2005

Matthew Kirkcaldie wrote:
> In article <dmfh2i$8ug$1 at phys-news4.kolumbus.fi>,
>  Mika Yrjönen <eclipsenot at netscape.net> wrote:
>>Chemistry of human brain, intresting I was having a "treatment" with 
>>neuroleptics which screwed my state to a contemporary insanity and 
>>"being a nice little vegetable" to a person what is left of me
>>Doctor afterwards said to me that extermination of my brain cells was 
>>just to get me back on "track"
>>"but we all have those brain cells enough" said the doctor
> No neuroleptics "exterminate" brain cells, and the remark you attribute 
> to your doctor is plain silly.  However you would probably have noticed 
> major differences in the way you felt, and your thought patterns.  Some 
> of those effects are what the drugs are used for, and some are unwanted 
> side effects.  They are achieved by activating or blocking receptors on 
> neurons, not by killing neurons.
>          MK.
Thanks for answering Former doctor is now retired with small practice
I was just replying to what he said to me thats all, and i belived his 
words Allthough my novadays state is somewhat uneasy from time to time
A good crash in mental health
I dont believe in psychic drugs, there must be some other way to have a 
decent life than from a doctors point of view Being dumped with all 
kinds of shit and make a life reminding a living hell
Anyway, everyone has own cross to carry and i shurely has carried mine
Thanks for a decent answer
Mika Yrjönen

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