[Neuroscience] Are brains necessary?

David Mayer damayer4 at patmedia.net
Mon Jul 10 20:49:03 EST 2006

To Gary Greenberg, or anyone else who may know:

    I have been searching for a video of the follow-up of some of the early cases of shunted hydrocephalus, shunted after severe damage, which astounded me when I first saw it many years ago. I believe it was the work of John Lorber. 

    A web search led me to an exchange on the web in which Gary Greenberg refers to what must be what I am trying to obtain, or something very similar.

    If this is the correct address, possibly someone can tell me how I might obtain a copy. 

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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                                                            Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
                                                            Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

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