[Neuroscience] Re: Series resistance and capacitance compensation in current clamp

Christian Wilms via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by usenet02 from out-of-phase.de)
Fri Feb 23 06:10:02 EST 2007

Bill <connelly.bill from gmail.com> wrote:

> So: the HEKA manual is right, Rs compensation and correction do not
> apply in I-clamp. However, you need to find how to balance the bridge.

HEKAs EPC-7 and EPC-8 don't do bridge balanceing. They have it
implemented in the EPC-10 but that was a bit buggy in the early versions
- it does appear to be fixed by now.

One thing you should keep in the back of your mind as well is that older
HEKA amplifier models (EPC7,8 and I think 9) have a totally different
current clamp mode than other amps. They actually use active feedback to
_clamp_ the membrane current, instead of injecting a steady current. I'm
not sure what influence that has on the recorded data (except that it is
a bit more noisy).

All the best, Christian 

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