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>>Do you know what "TD E/I-minimization is?
> Something to do with education, I think. There is lots about it on the
> WEB. Try a Google search.

There is?

Last time I did a search I came up with nothing.

Kind of 'broke my heart'.

I'll poke around a bit.

"TD E/I-minimization is shorthand for "the
minimization of the topologically-distributed
ratios of excitation to inhibition" that occur
within nervous systems. To understand it
fully, one has to study the neuroanatomy,
becoming familiar with at least the routings
of its major fiber pathways. I've discussed
this stuff [over the course of more than a
decade] here in b.n.

So, these days I'm discussing "TD E/I-min-
imization" from a more-general perspective,
working to communicate to folks how and
why a basic understanding of the TD E/I-
minimization stuff is useful with respect to
all aspects of being alive.

When one understands TD E/I-minimization,
one sees, completely, that killing, war, etc.,
are absolutely unnecessary, and that they
never were necessary.

The abilities of humans are such that, if we
ever stop fighting over =literally= nothing,
everyone on the face of the planet will be
able to live in a state of "wealth".

It's not "utopian".

As things stand, almost all of Humanity's
energy is going to waste.

Eliminate the waste, and "wealth" happens.

['Course, I understand that my idea of
"wealth" differs from most folks' idea of

"Wealth", to me, is secure shelter, sufficient
food, and Freedom to go about doing what
one enjoys doing, without 'fear' -- you know,
being able to walk anywhere at night knowing
you're safe be-cause you understand that
everyone has secure shelter, sufficient
food, and Freedom to go about doing what
one enjoys doing, without 'fear'.

Peace is recursive :-]


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