[Neuroscience] Re: Ideas for getting a Sutter to pull reasonable pipettes?

Bill via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by connelly.bill from gmail.com)
Fri Jul 6 22:07:57 EST 2007

So the first pull goes very close to pulling the capillary in half,
but just not? and the second finishes it off?
How many stages do other people use? I saw one guy reporting a 7 stage
pull in a paper.

On Jul 4, 12:04 am, Richard Vickery <Richard.Vick... from unsw.edu.au>
> Have you tried a two stage pull?  Pull it but not so it breaks, then pull
> again.  On the last Flaming Brown I used it could pull with a different set of
> parameters on each stage.
> Cheers
> Richard
> Bill wrote:
> > Hey,
> > I've got a sutter P-97, Flaming/Brown, Puller. I'm using thin walled
> > 1.5mm OD borosilicate glass (hHrvard glass). I've tried every
> > combination of velocity, temperature and pull I can think of, and most
> > of the ones in the"recipe book". The problem is the tips are too big,
> > or to get the tips to a reasonable size, the tapper is so long then
> > walls of the electrode are parallel by the end, and the resistance is
> > massive.
> > I know no one can give me exact numbers, but does anyone have any
> > general ideas?
> > Anything appriciated,
> > -Bill

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