[Neuroscience] Re: Fast drug application 'liquid filament' help!

gtswanson from gmail.com via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by gtswanson from gmail.com)
Wed Jul 25 08:57:15 EST 2007

Hi Bill,

We use Flavor B almost exactly as described by Matt. It is a very
cheap and workable solution for fast application, if you can manage to
get the bimorphs in the first place. I have just a few points to add
to Matt's very nice description.  We always solder a resistor and
potentiometer in line with the leads to the bimorph, which reduces
ringing and provides additional control over the speed of the
translation. In our lab, we typically lift whole cells into the
laminar stream instead of patches. With small cells, like transfected
HEKs, the 10-90% rise times of AMPA receptor currents are typically ~1

I've been using my first bimorph for nearly 10 years now. They are
quite durable. Sadly, the expensive manipulators and all the other
associated equipment are not nearly as reliable.


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