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> | [...]
> | [These states can be thought of as something
> | maintained by the inertia of by learning acquired
> | extra nerve-functional 'mass' (Ken be thanked for
> | this more-than-a-metaphor) [...]
> Thanks, Peter.
> | "information contained in the temporal pattern of
> | neural impulse activity is transduced and integrated
> | within the intracellular signaling networks of neurons
> | to activate specific genes". [The last citationmarks
> | enclose a wording borrowed from R. Douglas Fields.]
> |
> | Peter
> Is there a specific ref. with respect to your citation?

I read an interesting and informative article once, in scaim.com (I think it 
was); it was written by Fields. I subsequently followed got on to his home 
(or work) WWWeb page:

On that very webpage, under the heading "Research Interests", are the words 
that I borrowed to be found.

That's all.


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