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On Sat, May 05, 2007 at 01:08:00PM +0200, Imre Vida wrote:
> > 
> > Great! Thanks for your help! Just out of curiosity, what would the
> > coordinates be if the same slice was mid-position along the septo-
> > temporal pole?
> septo-temporal axis
> to cut a "perfect" transverse section of the ~middle of the 
> hippocampus the cutting plan would be between frontal and 
> horizontal with a slight laterodorsal - medioventral tilt.
> > I'm a bit confused b/c I found another figure in a
> > textbook w/ the inner-opposing "C"s that claims to be a horizontal
> > section.
> if you cut a horizontal section (from the septal part) it looks similar 
> but there is a very obvious difference in the shape of DG:
> the angle between the upper and lower blade is wider, close to 90 degrees 
> and the form of the granule cell layer is very similar to a caligraphic L, 
> whereas in frontal sections (from the septal part) the angle is acute
> and the shape of the g.c.l looks like a lying V.
> > Moreover, if this figure was a horizontal section, then I
> > would think it was near the midpoint of the septotemporal pole,
> at the temporal pole the hippocampal transverse plan is very close to the 
> the horizontal plane: DG medial/caudal - CA3 cranial - CA1 lateral
> > whereas closer to the septal pole this would more likely be a sagittal
> > slice. 
> at the septal pole the hippocampal transverse plan is very close to the 
> the frontal plane (sagittal plan would give you elongated sections of
> the hippocampus). Orientation here:  DG medial/ventral - CA3 lateral - CA1 dorsal.
> cheers
> imre

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