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I am selling the following Neuroscience books from the estate of my
who passed away this month.  Unfortunately, they will be available for
a short time only.  I will be turning over the appartment to the
on June First.  (I don't want to pay another month of rent in New York

I have put most of these for sale on Amazon.com.  If you want a few
please use the service there.  If you want to buy a large numbers,
if you are in the New York City area and can come pick them up, please
call me at 309 367 0787 (messages) or 718 638 2033 (my mother's

Dr. Laurence Leff, Associate Professor of Computer Science,
Western Illinois University

GSerial 0147-006X
Cowan, Hall, Kandel
Annual Review of Neuroscience, Volume One 1978, 08243-2401-3
Volume Two 1979, , 08243-2402-1
Volume Three 1980, 08243-2403-X
Volume Four 1981, 08243-2404-8
Volume Five 1982, 0-8243-2405-6

Cowan, Shooter, Stevens, Thompson
Volume Six 1983, 0-8243-2406-4
Volume Seven, 1984, 0-8243-2407-2
Volume Eight, 1985 0-8243-2408-0
Volume Nine, 1986 0-8243-2409-9
Volume Ten 1987 0-8243-2410-2
Volume Eleven 1988 0-8243-2411-0
Volume Twelve 1989 0-8243-2412-9
Volume Thirteen 1990 0-8243-2413-7
Volume Fourteen 1991 0-8243-2414-5
Volume Fifteen 1992 0-8243-2415-3
Volume Sixteen 1993 0-8243-2416-1

The Endorphins, ADvances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology Volume 18
Ermino Costa and Marco Trabucchi 0-89004-226-8

Annals of the New Yor Academy of Science, Volume 505, Myasthenia
Biology and Treatment, Editor, Daniel B. Drachman, ISBN 0-89766-405-1

Calcium and cAMP as Synarchic Messengers, Howard Rasmussen, ISBN

Cellular Basis of Behaviro: An Introduction to Neurobiology, Eric R.
ISBN 0-7167-0522-2 pbk

Cyclic AMP and Cell Functions, Editors G. Alan Robison, Gabriel G.
Lubos-Triner, NY Academy of Science, Volume 185,

Annual Reviews Reprints: Cell Membranes 1975-1977, 0-8243-2501-X,

Human Navigation and the Sixth Sense, by R. Robin Baker, Simon and

Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 374, Vestibular and

Annual Reviews Reprints: Cell Membranes, 1978-1980,  ISBN

Genetics of Hearing Impairment, Editors Robert J. Ruben,
Thomas R. Ran De Water, aren P. Steels, Annals NY Acad Science Volume
ISBN 0-89766-682-8

Sensing and Controlling Motion, Editors Bernard Cohen, David L. Tomo,
Fred Guedry
Annals New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 656, ISBN 0-89766-734-4

Elements of Acoustic Phonetics  ISBN 0-226-46784-8, Peter Ladefogod

Dere A. Sanders, Auditory Perception of Speech, An Introduction to
Principles and Problems  ISBN 0-13-052787-4

Joan Elma Rahn, Ears Hearing and Balance, ISBN 0-689-31055-2

Roy Bediche, The Sense of Smell,

Odour Description and Odour Classification, R. Harper, E. C. Bate
D. G. Land,

Olfaction in Fishes, Herman, Kleereoper,

Olfaction and Taste IX, Stephen d. Roper, Annals of the New York
of Science, Volume 510 , ISBN 0-89766-415-9

The Terminal Nerve, Nervus Terminals, Structure, Function and
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 519, Editors Leo S.
Demsi, Marlene Schwanzel-Fukuda, SIBN 0-89766-434-5 (paper)

Fundamentals of Sensor Physiology, Robert F. Schmidt, Springer Verlag,
ISBN 3-540-08801-6

Helmholtz on Perception: Its Physiology and Development

Academic Peress Series in Cognition and Perception, Lawrence E. Mars
The Unity of the SEnses, Interrelations among the Modalities,
ISBN 0-12-472960-6

Morley R. Kare, Bruce P. Halpern, Physiology and Behavioral Aspect of
LC 61-15937

John E. Amoore, MOlecular Basis of Odor, LC 70-97521

David Sinclair, Mechanicsms of Cutaneous Sensation, David Sinclair
ISBN 0-19-261174-7

Endocrine, Metabolic and Immunologic Functions of eratinocytes
Annals NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 548,
Editors: Leonard M. Milstone, Richard L. Edelson
ISBN 0-89766-505-8

Keratins, Their Composition, Structure and Biosynthesis,
R. D. B. Fraser, T. P. MacRae, G. E. Rogers, ISBn 0-398-02283-6

LC 66-29718 C. J. Duncan, The MOlecular Properties and Evolution of
Excitable Cells

Oligodendroglia, Edited by Wiliam T. Norton 0-306-41547-X

The Integument: A Textbook of Skin Biology, R. I. C. spearman
ISBN 0-521-20048-2

The Molecular and Structural Biology, Editors urt S. Stenn, A. G.
Annals New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 642
ISBN 0-89766-695-5

Chromatophores and Color Change: The Comparative Phsyiology of Animal
Pigmentation, Joseph T. Bagnara, Mac Hadley, ISBN 0-13-133603-7

The Aging Clock: The Pineal Gland and Other Pacemarers in the
of Aging and Carcinogenesis, Editor Walter Pierpaoli, William
Nicola Fabris, Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 719
ISBN 0-89766-861-8

Myelination and Dysmyelination, Editors I. D. Duncan, R. P. soff, D.
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 605, ISBN

Glial-Neuronal Interaction, Editor N. J. Abbott
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 633
ISBN 0-89766-680-1

The Neuronal Microenvironment, Editor Helen F. Cserr, Annals of the
New Yor Academy of Science,s Volume 481, ISBN 0-89766-358-6

The Blood-Brain Barrier, Louis Bakay LC# 55-11231

The Lively Membranes, R. N. Robertson, LC# 82-22011
ISBN 0-521-28202-0

The Cell in Contact: Adhesions and Junctions as Morphogenetic
Editd by Gerald M. Edelman, Jean-Paul Theiry ISBN 0-471-83872-1

The Plasma Membrane S. . Malhotra, 0-471-09325-4
(some writing at front and inside)

Griffin, Echoes of Bats and Men, LC# 59-12051
(autographed by Author)

Dynamic Aspects of Microtubule Biology, Editor David Soifer
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 466
Editor ISBN 0-89766-328-4

Intermediate Filaments
Editors F. Wang, D. Fischman, R. . H. Liem, T.-T. Sun
Annals of the New Yor Academy of ciences, Volume 455
ISBN 0-89766-306-3

Origins snad Evolution of Eukaryotic Intracellular Organelles
Editor: Jerome F. Fredrick
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 361
ISBN 0-89766-112-5

G. J. V. Nossal, Antibodies and Immunity
ISBN 0-465-00361-3

Immunological Tolerance of Self and Non-Self
Editors Jack R. Battisto/Henry N. Claman/David W. Scott
Annals o fthe New York Academy of Sciences Volume 392
ISBN 0-89766-175-3

An ABC of MOdern Immunology, E. J. Holborow  ISBN 0-316-36943

The Secretory  Immune System
Editors: Jerry R. McGhee, Jiri Mestecy
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences: The Secretory Immune System
Volume 409
ISBN 0-89766-2111-3

Immune Networks, Edited by Constantin A. Bona and Heinz Kohler
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 418
ISBN 0-89766-231-8

Advances in Neuroimmunology
Editor Cedric S. Raine
Annals of the New YOrk Academy of Sciences, Volume 540
ISBN 0-89766-477-9

Immunoglobulin D: Structure and Function
Editors G. Jeanette Thorbecke, Gerrie A. Leslie
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences Volume 399
ISBN 0-89766-189-3

Neuroimmune Interactions: Procedings of the Second International
Workshop on
Neuroimmunomodulation, Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences,  Vol
Editors: Branislav D. Janovic, Branislav M. Marovic, Novera Herbert
ISBN 0-89766-388-8

Neuroimmunomodulation: The State of the Art
Editors: Nicola Fabris, Branislav M. Marovic, NOvera Herbert Spector,
Branislav D. Janovic
The Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 741,
ISBN 0-89766-910-X

Neuropeptides and Immunopeptides; Messenger sin a Neuroimmune Axis
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 594
Editors M. Sue O'Dorisio, Alberto Panerai
ISBN 0-89766-608-9

Discovering the Individual: Jean Hamburger, ISBN 0-393-06433-6

Cellular Neurophysiology and IntegrationUttal , William R., ISBN

In Self Defense, Steven B. Mizel and Peter Jaret, ISBN 0-15-144552-4

Body and Antibody: A Report on the New Immunology by David Wilson
ISBN 0-394-46157-6

S. V. Perr, A. Margreth, R. S. Adelteijn, Contractile Sytems in
Non-Muscle Tissues, ISBN 0-7204-0616-1

Somatosensory and Viscerla Receptor Mechanisms, Edited by A. Iggo  O.
B. Ilyinsy
ISBN 0-444-41342-1

A. P. Waterson, Lise, Wilinson, An Introduction to the History of
ISBN 0-521-21917-5

Enzyme Engineering Seven, Editors, A. I. Lasin, G. T. Tsao, L. B.
Wingard Jr.
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences Volume 434
ISBN 0-89766-263-6

Metabolic Regulation: Application of Recombinant DNA Techniques
Alan G. Goodridge, Richard W. Hanson, Annals of the New YOr Academy of
Sciences Volume 478  0-89766-352-7

Biology, Chemistry and Pathology of Collagen, Raul Fleischmajer, Bjorn
Olsen, Klaus Kuhn, Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume
ISBN 0-89766-316-0

M. R. Bennett, Autonomic Neuromuscular Transmission,  ISBN

Robert O. Becker, Electromagnetism and LIFe, ISBN 0-87395-560-9

Brain and Information: Event-Related Potentials Edited by Rathe arrer,
Jerome Cohen, Patricia Tueting
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences Volume 425

Evoked Potentials, Editor Ivan Bodis-Wollner
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 388
ISBN 0-89766-167-2

Migraine: Understanding a Common Disorder, Oliver Sacs, MD
(some righting on inside of back cover) ISBN 0-520-05199-8

Aromatic Amino Acids in the Brain, Ciba Foundation Symposium 22 (New
ISBN 0-444-15019-6

Cell and Tissue Transplation into the Adult Brain
Editors Efrain C. Azmitia, Anders Bjorlund
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 495
ISBN 0-89766-386-1 (paperback)

Annals of the Ne wYor Academy of Sciences, Volume 65, Article Four
Techniques for the Study of Behavioral Effects of Drugs

Mammalian Neuroendocrinology, Geoffrey W. Bennett, Saffron A.
ISBN 0-19-520416-6 Paperback

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
Robert O. Becker, Gary Selden
ISBN 0-688-00123-8

Pavlovian Second-Order Condtioning: Studies in ASsociative Learning
Robert A. Rescorla, 0-470-26919-7

D. Regan, Evoed Potentials in Psychology, Sensory , Physiology
and Clinical Medicine,  ISBN 0-412-10920-4

Attention, Arousal and the Orientation Reaction, by R. Lynn, LC

I. Sechenov, Reflexes of the Brain, LC 65-15693

Butter, Charles M.  Neuropsychology: The Study of Brain and Behavior,
LC 68-21833

The Question of Animal Aareness: Evolutionary Continuity of Mental
Experience, Donald R. Griffin, ISBN 87470-035-3

Physiology of Aggression and Defeat, Edited by b. E. Eleftheriou,
SBN 306-30547-X

Neuropharmacology and Behavior, V. G. Longo, 0-7167-0827-2

Gordon M. Shepherd, The Synaptic Organization of the Brain: An
LC 74-79630

Monte Jay Meldman, Diseases of Attention and Perception, LC 78-112614

Alexander Rosenberg, Sociobiology and the Preemption of Social
ISBN 0-8018-2423-0

Edwrd O. Wilson, Biophilia, ISBN 0-674-07441-6

Lumsden and Wilson, Genes, Mind, and Culture, ISBN 0-674-34475-8

Lumsden, Edward O. Wilson, Promethean Fire, ISBN 0-674-71445-8

David P. Barash, Sociobiology and Behavior, ISBN 0-444-99036-4

Presynaptic Modulation of Postsynaptic Receptors in Mental Diseases
Editor Andre I. Salama
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 430
ISBN 0-89766-255-5

Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 66, Article Three,
The Pharmacology of Psychotomimetic and Psychotherapeutic Drugs

The Neuropharmacology of Serotonin, Editors Patricia M. Whitaer
Stephen J. Perouta, Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume

Edward O. Wilson On Human Nature,  ISBN 0-674-63441-1

Osteopontin: Role In Cell Signalling and Adhesion
Editors: David T. Denhardt William T. Butler Ann F. Chambers, Donald
R. Senger
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences: Volume 760
isbn 0-89766-940-1

Neuronal Cholecystoinin
Editors: Jean-Jacques Vanderhaeghen, Jacqueline N. Crawley
Annals of the New Yor Academy o Sciences Volume 448

Memory Dysfunctins: An Integration of Animal and Human Reserch From
Preclinical and
Clinical Perspectives
Editors: David S. Olton, Elan Gamzu, Suzanne Corkin
Annals of the New YOr Academy of Sciences, Volume 444

Progress in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology
Edited James M. Sprague Alan N. EPstein Volume Nine
isbn 0-12-542109-5

Psychobiology of Suicidal Behavior
Editors: J. JOhn Mann, Michael Stanley
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 487
ISBN 0-89766-370-5

Editors: Janet M. Allen, James I. Koenig
Central and Peripheral Significance of Neuropeptide Y and Its Related
Annals of the Ne wYor Academy of Sciences Volume 611

Editors: Charles B. Nemeroff, Arthur J. Prange
Neurotensin, A Brain and Gastrointestinal Peptide
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 400

Oxytocin in Maternal, Sexual and Social Behaviors
Editors, Cort A. Pedersen, Jac D. Caldwell, Gustav F. Jiriowsi,
Thomas R. Insel, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume

Editors: Patricick itabgi, Charles B. Nemeroff, The  Neurobiology of
Neurotensin, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 668

Editors: Yvette Tache, Pietro Melchiorri, Lucia Negri
Bombesin-Like Peptides in Health and Disease
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 547
(Slight bend in front lower-right)

Editors: Sai I. Said, Vitor Mutt
Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide and Related Peptides
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 527,

Editors: Geoffrey Metcalf, Ivor M. D. Jackson
Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone: biomedical Significance
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences: Volume 553

Editors: Peter W. Kalivas, Charles B. Nemeroff
The Mesocorticolimbic Dopamine System
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences Volume 537

James O. Pickles: An Introduction to the Physiology of Hearing
ISBN 0-12-554750-1

Comparative Physiology of Sensory Systems
Editors: Liana Bolis, R. D. Keynes, S.H.P. Maddrell
isbn  0-521-25002-1

The Senses: Edited by H. B. Barlow and J. D. Mollon
ISBN 0-521-28714-6

The Neurohypophysis: A Window on Brain Function
Editors: William G. North, Arnold M. Moses, Leonard Share
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: Volume 689

The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Revisited
Editors: W. F. Ganong, M. F. Dallman, J. L. Roberts
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences Volume 512
ISBN 0-89766-444-2

Relaxin: Structure, Function, and Evolution
Editors: Bernard G. Steinetz, Christian Schwabe, Gerson Weiss
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 380
ISBN 0-89766-149-4

The Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factors in the Nervous System
Editors: Mohan . Raizada, Derek LeRoith
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 692
ISBN 0-89766-790-5

Corticotropin-Releasing Factor and Cytoines: Role in the Stress
Editors: Yvette Tache, Catherine Rivier,
Annals of the New Yor Academy of Sciences, Volume 697

Perception, Consciiousness, Memory, Reflections of a Biologist,  G.
ISBN 0-306-30776-6

Gunther S. Stent, Morality as a Biological Phenomenon , University of

Susanne K. Langer, Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling, Volume I, LC
ISBN 0-8018-0360-8

Susanne K. Langer, Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling, Volume II, ISBN
Susanne K. Langer, Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling, Volume III

(a little bit of writing on a few pages, usually checs or stars no
T. S. Littler, The Physics of the Ear
LC 63-18925

W. B. Broughton, The Biology of Brains ISBN 0-470-10630-1
(Discarded from Public Library, Some Marings from Same)

Timoty J. Teyler, A Primer of Psychobiology  ISBN 0-716-1459-0

Daniel N. Robinson, The Enlightened Machine: An Introduction to
ISBN 0-231-04954-4

Gerald M. Edelman, Vernon B. Mountcastle, The MIndful Brain,
ISBN 0-262-05020-X
(writing and underlining)

N. P. Bechtereva, The Neurophysiological Aspects of Human Mental
ISBN 0-19-502131-2

James Olds, Drives and Reinforcements: Behavioral Studies of
Hypothalamic Functions, ISBN 0-89004-087-7

J. R. Smythies, Brain Mechanisms and Behaviour,  LC 76-121789

Richard Morris, Evolution and Human Nature, ISBN 0-399-31010-X

Daniel C. Dennett, The Intentional Stance, ISBN 0-262-04093-X

Daniel C. Dennett, Elbow Room, ISBN 0-262-04077-8

D. C. Dennett, Content and Consciousness SBN 7100 6512 4

Paul Pietsch, Shuffle Brain 0-395-29480-0

Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype,  0-7167-1358-6

Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene, 76-29168 (some writing)

Daniel C. Dennett, Kinds of Minds, 0-465-07350-6

Daniel C. Dennett, Consciousness Explained 0-316-18065-3
(writing on margins on a few pages)

Ned Block, Imagery, 0-262-02168-4

Robert Cummins, Meaning and Mental Representation 0-262-03139-6

Churchland, Paul M. Matter and Consciousness: A Contemporary
Introduction to
the Philosophy of Mind,  ISBN 0-262-03135-3

Richard Dawins: The Blind Watchmaer, ISBN 0-393-02216-1

William H. Frey, Crying: The Mystery of Tears ISBN 0-86683-829-5

B. J. Rolls and E. T. Rolls: Thirst, ISBN 0-521-29718-4

H. W. Magoun, The Waking Brain, LC 62-21324

Larry R. Squire, Memory and Brain, ISBN 0-19-504208-5

Patricia Smith Churchland, Neurophilosphy: Toward a Unified Science
of the Mind Brain, ISBN 0-262-03116-7

Robert Augros, George Stanciu, The New Biology, ISBN 0-87773-364-3

David L. Hull, Philosophy of Biological Science, ISBN 0-13-663615-8

Keith Oatley, Perceptios and Representations: The Theortetical Bases
of Brain Research and Psychology, ISBN 0-02-923270-8

Robert L. Isaacson, Basic Readings in Neuropsychology, lc 64-10949

Nobel Conference XVII, Mind in Nature, Edited by Richard Q. Elvee
isbn 0-06-250285-9

Paul Bartsch, Mollusks, lc 68-12914

W. R. Hess, Biology of Mind, lc 64-15807

Jerry A. Fodor, Modularity of MInd, isbn 0-262-06084-1

Mario Bunge, The Mind-Body Problem, ISBN 0-08-024720-2

Richard  L. Gregory, The Oxford Companion to the Mind 0-19-866124-X

Cytology of Nervous Tissue, Proceedings of the Anatomical Society of
Britain and Ireland,1961-62 23 and 24th November 1961

Kerut and Phillis, Progress in Neurobiology Volume Nine, ISBN

Basil E. Eleftheriou, The Neurobiology of the Amygdala,
Advances in Behavioral Biology, Volume Two
Proceedings of a Symposium on the Neurobiology of the Amygdala, Bar
Harbor Maine,
June 6-17, 1971

Editors: A. Bjorlund, T. Hofelt, L. W. Swanson, Handboo of Chemical
Neuroanatomy, Volume ive, Integrated Systems of the CNS, Part I
Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Retina,
ISBN 0-444-90495-6

The Role of Pleasure in Behavior, Editor Robert G. Heath, LC 64-21432

Robert L. Isaacson, The Limbic System, ISBN 0-306-30773-1

Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Studies on the Diencephalon, LC 65 18063

Editor James L. McGaugh, The Chemistry of Mood, Motivation, and
Advances in Behavioral Biology, Volume Four, ISBN 0-306-37904-X

G. Adrian Horridge, Interneurons, LC 68-13053

D. O. Hebb, Organization of Behavior, ISBN 0-471-36727-3

D. O. Hebb, Essay on Mind, ISBN 0-89859-017-5

Editor W. H. Gispen, Molecular and Functional Neurobiology,ISBN

Steven Rose, The Conscious Brain, ISBN 0-394-46066-9

Harvey B. Sarnat, Martin G. Netsy, Evolution of the Nervous System
ISBN 0-19-502755-2  (Writing)

Warren S. McCulloch, Embodiments of Mind, SBn 262-13018-1

Robert J. Richards, Darwin and the Emergence of Evolutionary Theories
of Mind and Behavior, ISBN 0-226-71199-4

Ernst Mayr, The Growth of Biological Thoughts, ISBN 0-674-36445-7

Keith M. Zinn, Michael F. Marmor, The Retinal Pigment Epithelium
ISBN 0-674-76684-9

S. L. Polya, The Retina, the University of Chicago Press

Phyllis H. Cahn Editor, Lateral Line Detectors, LC 67-13018,
Proceedings of a Conference held at Yeshiva University, New YOr
April 16-18, 1966

Douglas R. Hofstadter, Metamagical Themas, Questing of the Essence of
and PatternISBN 0-465-04540-5  (hard copy, book jacket slightly worn)

Douglas R. HOfstadter, Metamagical Themas: ISBN 0-465-04540-5 (paper)

Charles D. Laughlin, Eugene G. D'Aquili, Biogenetic Structuralism,

James Albus, Brain, Behavior and Robotics, 0-07-000975-9

Havelock Ellis, Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Copyright 1905-1942
Random House, New York

Sigmund Freud: His Life in Pictures and Words, Edited by Ernst Freud,
Lucie Freud and Ilse Grubrich-Simitis, ISBN 0-393-30285-7

A. A. Robac and Thomas iernan, Pictorial History of Psychology and
Psychiatry, Philosophical Library, LC 67 11572

Marvin Minsy, the Society of MInd, ISBN 0-671-60740-5

Douglas R. Griffin, Animal Thinking, ISBN 0-674-03712-X

W. H. Thorpe, Animal Nature and Human Nature 0-385-08241-X

David Stenhouse, The Evolution of Intelligence ISBN 0-06-496518-x

The Brain, A Scientific American, ISBN 0-7167-1150-8

Edward Wilson, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, 0-674-81621-8

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