[Neuroscience] Re: cell numbers in hippocampus

Mathias via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by mathiasDOTfranzius from webDELETEME.de)
Thu May 31 09:51:34 EST 2007

I'll answer myself in case someone else is interested in the same 
question later. I found an article by Olbrich and Braak (1985) in Anat. 
Embryol. 173:105-110 stating that in the human hippocampal area CA1 less 
than 10% of the neurons are not pyramidal cells. They also cite similar 
results for rats and monkeys in the discussion section.

Thus I think one can estimate that the rat CA1 (of a single hippocampus) 
has approx. 355.000 pyramidal cells.

hthsl (hope this helps someone later ;)

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