[Neuroscience] Re: A new fluorescent probe FFN511

Bill via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by connelly.bill from gmail.com)
Tue Feb 16 17:59:43 EST 2010

Yeah, I saw that paper. Interesting stuff. Though I was a bit
disappointed by the videos of release. I don't know what I was
expecting, but that wasn't it. I wonder if you did it in cell culture,
maybe with TIRF microscopy, whether you get something that looks more
like what I imagine synaptic transmission looks like. i.e. I want to
see a green oresynaptic terminal, then release, and see green leaking
out into the extrasynaptic space.

On Feb 13, 11:00=A0pm, HW <h.w.... from live.co.uk> wrote:
> Check out this new fluorescent probe, 'FFN511', it has been used to
> describe a new form of synaptic plasticity, where individual
> dopaminergic synapses respond differently to stimulus frequency.
> FFN511 allows characterizing neurotransmitter release at the level of
> individual synapses, even on the same neuron. Check out this video
> link and a recent =91science=92 paper, you can get hold of FFN511 from
> =91Ascent Scientific=92
> Gubernator et al (2009). Fluorescent false neurotransmitters visualize
> dopamine release from individual presynaptic terminals. Science
> 324:1441-4
> https://www.jove.com/index/details.stp?ID=3D1562
> http://www.ascentscientific.com

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