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Dhruba Pathak via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by pathakdhruba from gmail.com)
Fri Feb 19 10:50:56 EST 2010

I read some where comment that you have suggested for bursting.

As I also do not know about the Mat lab program. To my knowledge,
there are two types of neurons. One produce spontanous bursting while
other needs stimulus. These stimulus may be depolarizing current or
some blockers..

However, I could not understand the correlation between
hyperpolarization and bursitng. In fact the hyperpolarization will
provide homeostatic environment to the cell.

I also want to ask you, for example, is there any significance of
studying the effect of some blocker in particular ion channel which is
previously blocked by some other agents?

Thanks in advance for your comments,
Dhruba Pathak

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