[Neuroscience] Re: confusion about cerecellar circuity

Peter H. via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by pjwholm from yahoo.es)
Thu Feb 25 21:43:24 EST 2010

On 25 feb, 22:30, Kalman Rubinson <k... from earthlink.net> wrote:
> You are very clear in your descriptions but I still do not see the
> arrangement that seems to be vexing you.  There are many large cells
> deep to the granular layer but I am uncertain of what they are.  
> However, I will ask an expert or two tomorrow.
> Kal

If you still cannot precisely define the arrangement which is vexing
me, then you ought to print out this thread and show it to your
expert(s). And you should also show them these cells -of which I have
an incling that that you confuse them with the Purkinje cells
themselves- in Brainmaps. Because otherwise you will likely just have
them regurgitating their textbooks.

And thank you for your effort. Actually, I have been posting to this
forum in hopes to find some expert feedback right here.


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