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Wed Jun 1 07:09:55 EST 2011

durig doing some research in the internet I met your side (http://www.bio.net/mm/neuroscience/1996-May/023720.html) ...
My name is Jens and I am a student of Georgaphy and Archaeology and I am writing about Ergotism in France and Germany...
In Germany you only had convulsive ergotism (which could be a hind that alkaloids passed the Blood-Brain-Barrier, autopsies showed degeneration of the spinal cord and cretinism) and in France gangrene ergotism.
My question: When alkaloids pass the blood-brain-barrier, why do we have no reports about convulsive ergotism in France and no reports about cretinism? Is it possible that blood-brain -barrier is less permeable to special alkaloids? Which influence has diet on that (in Germany and Denmark ergotism was cured with feeding eggs and ham...)

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