[Neuroscience] Re: contribution of each subtree in input resistance of a neuron

Bill via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by connelly.bill from gmail.com)
Mon Jun 13 23:45:41 EST 2011

How theoretical are we being? In order to know that, you would need to
know the resistance of the cell membrane along the entire dendritic
tree (if assuming completely passive), and the distribution and nature
of voltage gated channels(if that assumption is not being made). These
things are somewhat unknowable, though we have pretty good estimates
for some cells.

On May 6, 3:36 pm, karlo gonzales <thats_ka... from yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear all
> I would appreciate if anybody could help me to find an answer for my theoretical question!
>  Is there any way (analytically or numerically) to determine the contribution percentage of each subtree in the input resistance of the neuron with several subtrees?
> Thanks in advance
> Karlo

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