Is your work part of your life? (sort of Re: Inavailability of VERMOX)

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Tue Apr 5 23:19:13 EST 1994

In article <CnspC2.79u at> scott at (Scott Gardner, Nematology UCD) writes:
>Dear ALL:
>Here in smoggy California, there appears to be a shortage of VERMOX...


>shortage of VERMOX.  I usually take this drug when I get Ascaris.  What do you take?

This last line is interesting!  I'm curious as to how frequently one gets
Ascaris in Davis CA.

Really though, it raises an interesting question of how many parasitologists
have been parasitized by interesting and exotic beasties, and whether
or not there are anecdotes worth telling in intro Parasitology courses.

(save E. vermicularis, toxo, and other relatively inocuous companions)

Please post 'em!!


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