Bionet parasitology start-up

Mark Siddall mes at
Thu Feb 24 15:53:03 EST 1994

I have it on good authority (i.e., Henry Hong, one of the 3 listed discussion
leaders) that, soon, the original mission statement of bionet.parasitology
will be posted here.  
In the meantime, it appears as though there is no reason to wait for someone
to say "Go" as Kristofferson seems to have successfully tested the system
and indicated ervything's cool.
I have emailed a note of bionet.parasitology's readiness to all Amer. Soc.
Parasitol. students whose addresses I have on file.  Others students should
be aware of the following:

the Student Representative is Rich Clopton (SEPTATE at TAMSUN.TAMU.EDU)
the Student Workshop Coordinator is Reva Berman (reva at

For supervisors, please encourage your students to read this group, and
moreover to post to it!


Mark Siddall                                     mes at
Department of Zoology
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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