Repeated food poisoning episodes, help n

The MacMeister dnickol at
Sat Aug 19 11:52:13 EST 1995

Sunil Khemaney (syama at wrote:
: We are in need of assistance of determining the cause of repeated
: food poisoning episodes.  Specifically, we are seeking the
: assistance of any doctors, chemists or microbiologists who might
: be able to shed some light on the cause and cure for our problem,
: and we are willing to hire an expert in this area.  Any help
: would be much appreciated.  The details are as follows:

true bacterial food poisoning with symptom onset in 6 hours as
you described occurs only in instances of pre-formed toxin, such
as seen in staph. your friend's symptoms also sound similar to
those of patients with lactose intolerance.


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