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> >Over the past 4 weeks we have been experiencing a massive 
> >fish-kill involving only catfish.  They are washing up onto the 
> >beaches in West Central Florida.  Dead fish are seen daily 
> >floating in the Gulf of Mexico and in Tampa Bay.  The local news 
> >and weather people in Bradenton and Sarasota say that the cause 
> >is "unknown" and that "not much is known about catfish" however 
> >scientists suspect that it is a "parasite."  Does anyone out 
> >there know of epidemics in saltwater catfish?
> There have been freshwater dieoff of catfish associated with amyxozoan parasite 
> located on the gills.  Has anyone checked for these parasites?
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The term "catfish" is used to describe hundreds of often
distantly-related species of  fish. The best thing would be to find 
which species of catfish you have there. 
James Munro
Glasgow University

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