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The following URLs are selected examples taken from a poster on Intenet 
Resources presented at the Spring  Meeting of the British Society for 
Parasitology at Bangor, Wales, 1996. I had so many requests for copies that 
I though that it might be useful for others if I made it generally available.

This is also available in HTML format as an e-mail attachment; please e-mail 
me if you are interested.        

                                            PARASITOLOGICAL URLS

One of the major advances in science in the past few years has been in the 
spread of Internet facilities for both communication and the transmission of 
information. A year or so ago there was little to interest the average 
parasitologist apart from electronic mail, but even within the past 6 months 
a veritable explosion of resources (of variable value and quality) has 
become available. This has been encouraged by the development of better 
software which has given the noncomputer specialist access to FTP, Gopher 
and Web (World Wide Web) resources, and the graphic facilities of Web 
browsers, such as Netscape,  which have attracted literally millions of  users.

Below are listed examples of (mainly Web) sites and resources which might be 
of interest to parasitologists.

General	Natural History Museum; nearly 200 pages of info.;     
                                                          search the world's 
largest natural history library;
and several parasitological pages,                                          
e.g. molecular biology of schistosomes, deep-sea fish parasites	       Sunet Animal Photos	       Currency Converter	                        Cordis - EC Funding Database. 	        WHO

Search engines	                        WebCrawler	                       Lycos: Hunting WWW information	      WWW Worm	                                           E-mail 
address finder

Societies	The American Society of Parasitologists	ASP Students' Home Page

Main Parasitology Resources Compilations	Parasitology - U. 
                                   of Dusseldorf	  Parasitic Diseases - Karolinska 
Institute	Parasites - Pasteur 
Institute     Peter Pappas 
Parasites and  Parasitoloy Resources	 The American Society of Parasitologists

Images     QUT Parasite images	         ASP Parasitology Images            ASP Parasitology 
Image Links	         CELLS alive! Protozoa	             Index of Nematode images	                    Huge collection 
of images of hosts.


gopher://	Parasitology Newsgroup Archives
Bionet.Parasitology	                                     Parasitology Newsgroup
Bionet.Organisms.Schistosoma	                    Schistosoma Newsgroup
listserver at	                   Trypanosome Discussion Group

Parasites/Parasitology/Parasitologists	Peter Pappas'   
                  Directory of Parasitologists         WHO Malaria database         Microbiology	                                    Microbiology	Parasite-genome   Nematology, U. 
of  Nebraska	                  Search nematode 
collection in Nat.                                                           
     Hist. Museum,  Paris (experimental)      Key to 
freshwater  and                                                              
                plant parasitic nematodes	Filarial Genome Network	Trypanosome-Leishmania Resources                  
WHO:Schistosomiasis  Fishing for information: 
Aquatic Science                                                              
                                     Resource Guide	     Cichlid Home 
                    Disease Information	Fish Disease Diagnosis


The usefulness of these varies. Some journals give little more than 
subscription information. Many, however, give tables of contents (TOCs) for 
recent issues, and some permit downloading of abstracts. The Korean Journal 
of Parasitology permits the text of entire articles to be downloaded. The 
Japanese Journal of Parasitology features Parasite of the Month!	           Bionet Journals. Table of 
                    Archive [TOC]	
 Journal for  Parasitology [TOC]	 The Korean Journal of Parasitology [TOC]	  
         Parasitology  Today	                  Japanese Journal of 
Parasitology [TOC]	Parasitology [TOC]                                             Systematic 
Parasitology [TOC]
[gopher://] - 
direct to TOC	
HTTP://WWW.CABI.ORG/catalog/journals/primjour/jouhelm.htm	Journal of         
HTTP://WWW.CABI.ORG/catalog/journals/absjour/0h.htm	    Helminthological     
                       Abstracts   Memorias do 
                                           Oswaldo Cruz	Diseases of Aquatic Organisms [TOC]	Books, Journals, and 
        Sources of Information in Nematology

Institutes/Organizations	Department of Parasitology, U. of Queensland	Imperial College, Department of 
            Parasitology	Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine  	Parasite Genome Lab., Cambridge
HTTP://WWW.CABI.ORG/institut/iip/iip.htm	International Institute of Parasitology     Queensland U. of 
Technology	   Centre for Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, 
Oxford      Warwick University 
                 Epidemiology Research Team   	WHO Tropical Diseases	Inst. of Exp. Pathology &     
Parasitology, Sofia

Lectures/Courses	 Parasitology Lecture Index no4	Cours 1996 ED MNHN Paris     Microbiology 
 Parasitology:  computer-based learning

Personal	                    Leslie Chisholm	Phil's Flatworms 
                                        Page	Evil Dr Jim's Worms of 
                               World	Martin Adamson	                     Don Bundy	                                     
   Tom Cribb

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