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Wed Aug 28 09:23:17 EST 1996

Jang Ho Park wrote:
> Can someone with the information on treating tapeworm, pinworm,
> roundworms, etc... tell me what kind of a medical specialist a person
> infected would have to see?  What are some of the clues one can find
> to conclude that the person is infected with a parasite?

Drugs for tapeworms: niclosamine and praziquantel; pinworms: pyrantel 
pamoate, albendazole, mebendazole.
The best way for a patient possibly infected by parasites will be to 
attend a consultation in an Infectious Diseases Dept, or in a Dept 
specialized in Parasitology, if available.
Helminthic (namely, worms) parasites often are suspected due to a blood 
hypereoesinophilia, but there are many, many, others symptoms: it's 
practically a complete handbook which would be to post on the Net!!!
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