meadow vole and parasites (student needs help)

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This might help!

Kennedy, M.J., 1986. 'Synopsis of the parasites of vertebrates of Canada.
             Helminths and protozoa of terrestrial mammals.' 1-90 Alberta 
             Veterinary Laboratory, Edmonton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada .

>I just began Ph.D. studies on the influence of parasitism on meadow vole
>(Microtus pennsylvanicus) and to date I found no paper giving a list of the
>natural parasites of this rodent in North America (more precisely in Quebec).
>I am especially looking for nematodes (Heligmosomoides sp. ...) and cestodes
>(Taenia crassiceps ...).
>I would be greateful if anyone could give me some help.
>Remi Duhamel
>Departement de Biologie
>Universite de Sherbrooke
>Sherbrooke (Quebec)
>Canada J1K 2R1
>Tel: (819) 821 7067   Fax: (819) 821 8049
>e-mail: rduhamel at
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