Hymenolepis Nana

george morgan george.morgan at uws.edu.au
Sun Jan 7 18:57:51 EST 1996

I have suffered a debilitating condition for nearly a decade now with no 
satisfactory diagnosis. The condition manifests a range of non gastro 
symptons (dizziness, fatigue, itchiness of anus, nose, eyes) has a 
cycle, but is also associated with a range of food intolerances (to 
dairy products, foods with preservatives and those high in salycilates, 
yeast/sugar - I know about candida but see this as a symptom rather than 
a cause) I am on the trail of the hymenolepis nana - dwarf tapeworm - 
and have read most of the current literature about it. It appears to be 
unusual amongst intestinal parasites in presenting these non gastric 
symptoms. I am aware that it is most common in children who seem to be 
able to fight it off and for whom a dose of praziquantle or niclosamide 
is fully effective.However adults who have this (quite rare) affliction 
can obtain an endemic form whereby the worm gets a hold in the gut 
(cysterceroid form) and is very hard to shift. 

I have started on a course of praziquantel. It is great stuff and is 
having an effect (though I have not yet had nana diagnosed in a stool 
sample) but the improvement is only slow and incremental. 

Does anyone out there know about this thing? Am I on the right track? 
What are the effects of taking this drug for much longer than the 
conventional gastroenterological wisdom holds is necessary? I need to 
talk to some medics who are a bit open minded about this because as a 
layperson who has spent many hours wading through the specialist 
literature on HN I get the sense that there is much that is not 
understood about it.

All correspondance will be gratefully received.

George Morgan

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