Announcing Nematology mailing list (NEMA-L)

Allen Szalanski aszalans at
Thu Jan 18 09:46:10 EST 1996

A new mailing list has been set up called NEMA-L. This list is 
for discussions on all aspects of nematology (espcially plant 
and insect parasitic nematodes). 

To join NEMA-L, send an email message to:
listserv at

In the text of the message type:
subscribe nema-l Your Name

You will receive a message from the listserv confirming your 
subscription. To post a message to NEMA-L, send the message 

nema-l at

NEMA-L is maintained by Allen Szalanski 
(aszalans at and Tom Powers 
(tpowers at 

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Research Associate         Fax:   402/472-2853
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Dept. Plant Pathology
University of Nebraska
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