Help! I have schistosomiasis (LA area)

Phil Geis jorge2 at
Fri Aug 15 20:47:56 EST 1997

Rich Muller wrote:
> On a trip to Turkey I contracted Schistosomiasis.  My doctor gave me some
> medicine, but I am not convinced he is the right person; the disease has
> persisted.
> Is there a physician in the LA area that you would recommend? Someone with
> experience with this disease?  I understand that this disease can be
> cured, and I want to do whatever is necessary.
> Please respond by email.  Thanks!
> Eric Mayer


Sorry for your illness - I'm unable to help with your request.

Forgive my inquiry.  With which shistosome are infested?  What are your

lease feel free to disregard.

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