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>I then revealed that I am a parasitologist and inquired ass to why I
>wasn't to collect specimens oevr a longer period (as I thought
>appropriate for Giardia).  He replied that, in fact, the diagnostics had
>gotten better of late and two sucessive days should be fine for the
>local parasite lab to make a determination.  

So if they are looking for ova etc.they would predict that
shedding occurs regularly, a good lab would\should pick it
up. I have seen the three day system used occasionally and
turn positive on the third sample.

If it is in the sample it will be found but if
could still be positive if the organism didn't shed at the
time of sampling

>So... in fact, this fella, a primary care physician, was reasonably well
>versed in the symptomology, diagnostics, treatment and side-effects
>thereof, and willing to admit, too, that there are a whole host [sic] of
>things that it could be besides, but this was a reasonable and
>predictable start.
>PS: I'm not crazy about metronidazole.  Tastes awful.

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