Question about flagyl versus other antibiotics

Sudhir Chhikara chhikara at
Mon Mar 3 09:39:05 EST 1997

I have been having some interesting GI problems for the last 2 years. 
Nothing my GI had worked until
he put me on flagyl (250mg 3x for 5 days).  I seemed to help significantly
after the third or fourth day.
The symptoms (loose stool, gas, bloating, belching, and vague fatigue)
returned after a 3 days.  After this, He
tried amoxicillian and clairythomycin (Novamox and Baxin).  This has no
effect even though the amounts
of antibiotic was stronger.  What I am wondering is what does flagyl kill
that the other antibiotic do not
effect.  I understand the flagyl is anti-protozal, but does it effect
anything else?  

Much thanks in advance...

P.S. Does the killing the parasite cause a minor die off effect. I noticed
that It felt worse before it got better 
on the fourth day.  No such effect on the other antibiotics.

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