Hair dryers and head lice

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>Dear Lois
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>> Wondering if something simple like use of the heat cycle on hairdryer
>> could prevent head lice. I would like to discuss this with someone
>> knowledgeable about the temperature sensitivity of head lice.
>A lot of work was done in the first half of the 20th century on the
>temperature sensitivity of body lice and some on head lice.  Eggs of body
>lice were killed by 53.5C for 5 min, 52C for 10 min, 50C for 30 min. 
>If hair dryers have a role in killing head lice, a few key "therapeutic"
>questions before one gets too hopeful are:
>1. How hot does a hair dryer make the hair next to the scalp? 
>2. How much heat and for how long can be tolerated by a lousy head?
>If you want details on heat tolerance, I have many of the old papers on
>louse physiology and can attempt to summarise them.
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>Rick Speare

This would probably enhance the current knowledge\treatment
base. Some of them old books have some nice stuff.

tom c.

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