enough is enough (G. Lauritch)

Andrew Fell ahfell at netmatters.co.uk
Wed May 28 16:09:07 EST 1997

Dr. Gary Conboy wrote:
> There has been quite a discussion this month concerning "alternative" medicine
> and "novel" diagnostic methodology.  Personnally, I would be very disappointed
> if this type of discussion predominated in this group every month.  However, I
> have found it informative (and horrifying).  One of the attractions this group
> holds for me is the curious mix of backgrounds of the participants covering
> the spectrum from high school students to PhDs.

I agree. These discussions aren't going to convince the diehard
naturopaths, or stop the spammers, and they probably annoy a lot of
readers. That said, there are a lot of readers out there who are using
newsgroups to look for information about their health, who don't have a
scientific background, and to whom naturopath waffle sounds
superficially convincing. I think that when someone posts specious,
silly or misleading statements, the scientific community should respond
with facts, logic and wit.

I'd make a distinction here between posts from real people and spam
messages sent automatically. No point responding to spam at all. 

Andy Fell

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